Color Run 5K

My fun 5K this year was the Color Run 5K on August 18th!  It is a 5K with paint and lots of smiles.  I wogged (wogging is a walk/jog) it with my good friend “Beebs”.  It was the first time I had seen her in a while and it was a breath of fresh air to get to talk with her, laugh with her, and take fun pictures with her!

It all started when I was late getting up with a phone call of “Are you on your way to out house?” from Beebs.  I looked at the clock, shot straight out of bed, and the groggy feeling left me right away since I was an hour late of getting up!  I jumped out of bed and Greg helped me find out how to get the metro and I told Beebs I would meet her and her husband downtown instead of holding them up at their house. 

I ran through the house to get ready, ate oatmeal quickly which burned my mouth, and jumped into my car as soon as I could get there and took off to the metro.  I rode the metro for the first time, by myself that day!  There were plenty of color runners on the waiting dock for the metro so I knew if I followed them I’d be alright.  I knew they were color runners due to all the white shirts which is a color run requirement.  I purchased my ticket and was told validate it once on the dock.  I go up to the dock and the metro comes, I quickly look for a place to validate the ticket, but I can’t find one, I ask a random runner where I validate it, and she pointed me towards the end of the dock on the other side.  I quickly run past them (after saying thank you) and try and get past the big crowd of color runners.  I run up to the validation point and stick the ticket in and run for my life up the dock and jump into the metro right before the doors closed.  Every color runner was smiling, I started my morning in a run. Ha! 

Once downtown St. Louis I had to find a place to sign in so after finding Beebs and her husband I ran through all the 15,000 or so Color Runners that were standing in my way to sign in.  I was so late and I had to really step on it to get to the sign in area.  Once I got my bag full of stuff I ran back to Beebs and her husband to put my sign on and my headband on. 

Beebs and me before the race!

Then Beebs and I quickly went and stood in the crowd of 15,000 until it was our wave to go.  Then we were off.  We wogged through yellow paint, green paint, pink paint, and blue…and learned that the best way to get the most paint is to walk through the paint areas and not jog.  We even had one of the volunteers take a shovel full of paint and pour it on us!

Through most of the race Beebs and I talked and caught up and decided we needed to plan more double dates with our hubbys. 

Once we crossed the finish line we poured our powered paint on each other and took more pictures. 

After the Color Run 5K…covered in paint!

I’m so Blue, da boo, de, da boo, di, da boo de, da book di…come on you know you started to sing that song too, when you saw this picture!

I think we both had a colorful good time!

We left covered from head to toe in this powered substance.  Once home I had to keep Bella from jumping on me so she wouldn’t get the paint on her white fur and I had to get into the shower right away, but not before taking some pictures of the colorful mess I was.  It took 5 shampoos before my hair wasn’t blue anymore, and my toes were blue until 4 days later!  It was crazy fun, and I hope that we can get more people involved next year!  All proceeds raised went to Autism Speaks!

The paint was everywhere! This is once I got home!

The top of my head, you can see why it took so long to get the color out now lol 🙂


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