Part of My Life Journey through Pictures

I know a lot of us have weight loss journeys and we can tell others about the journey but I think it really strikes home when we are open about how much we weighed and what we actually looked like through the process.  My process wasn’t an easy one, at all.  I started to gain weight after a few months of living in St. Louis and not knowing how to cook and having fast food right around the corner was way to convenient for me and my gut.  So I started to gain weight.  My turning point was after I graduated with my M.Ed. and realized I looked like a whale and I couldn’t fit into any of my old work clothes for my new job.  SO that was it!  I started right then, two years ago in August.  I was tired of feeling my face all stretched out, and my arms wiggling in the wind, now my face is much smaller and my arms are defined with muscle.  I have lost a total of 28lbs from when I first started, gained some back (11lbs to be exact), and now I am working on losing those pounds again to get back to the weight I was at our wedding.  I gained the weight back when I stopped logging my food and stopped my exercise program and just worked out when I could…now it’s an almost everyday thing and I am eating much better then I was even before the wedding last August.  So far the weight is slowly coming off, but my inches are falling off and my abs are coming back! 🙂

At a Rams game, this is over two years ago, and I can see it all in my face here.

I went out with one of my cousins, over two years ago…

I recieved an award from my Masters program and this is me close to my heaviests (I’m with my Mother In law – not at the time, but now she is! 🙂 )

AND now a fun picture of Bella, our dog, because the heavy pictures make me sad, ha! 🙂 Isn’t she cute!!! 🙂

This is right after Greg proposed to me in Dec. 2010. By this point I had been working out for 6 months, I was almost to the “healthy weight range” for my height.

This is about April or May of 2011. 2lbs away from a healthy weight range!

I DID IT! At this point I had lost 28lbs and I was in my healthy weight range! This is Greg, me, and our friend Ryan during Independence Day Fireworks!

Our Wedding August 6, 2011…In a lower part of my healthy weight range!

Gained 8lbs back at this point, but our first Christmas together 2011. I wish I had taken more photos of me in the during getting to my lowest range, but I didn’t.

The newest picture of me August 2012. During our wedding month a year before this picture I had a four pack for abs, and now I just have my two (but I just earned those back this month). Proud of those two 🙂


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  1. brian mcferron says :

    i like the pics….it’s amazing what you can do with wordpress. I need to post more to mine to get back in the groove. when I started it a while back, wordpress didn’t have all the bells and whistles in does now –

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