The no artificial sweetener challenge

So I am on day 5 of my no artificial sweetener for 21 days challenge.  This means only pure raw sugar and pure raw honey is allowed.  I have also (because go big of go home, right?) added in trying to limit chemical intake in food. 


Only Pure Raw Sugar or Raw Honey!  I have bought some Raw Sugar called Sugar in the Raw, and I highly recommend it.  I found it at Wal-Mart in the sugar/sweetener aisle.  I don’t have Raw Honey, but that can also be used to sweeten things up.  From the research I have done, and what other blogs I follow have done, we have found that sweetener (or chemicals in general) can’t be processed easily by the body because we weren’t made to actually break down that type of thing in our systems.  SO instead of breaking down it gets globbed up in different areas.  For me, and most women, you can see this in the little pooch in our lower tummy and also in cellulite.  I am on day 5 and my little pooch has gone down quite a bit.  Exact measurements will be taken tomorrow morning of the poochey area and where my cellulite is at, my legs. 

Only If You Can’t Help It, You Can Have It!  Now I have tried my hardest to be conscience about what I am putting in my body this week.  I have found I had to cut a lot of what I was eating OUT!  No more processed microwavable diet meals for work, now it’s chicken, or organic food, or a sandwich on pure wheat bread.  I do look at labels more now and some of the meals do have some chemicals in it, but what I try and do, if I can’t help it,  is limit the intake of those foods throughout the day, OR buy the product that has the least amount of the chemicals in it.  SO for example the pure 100% wheat bread I have does have a little bit of a chemicals in it, but I after looking at all the bread that was available for me to eat, this one had the least amount.  I can’t cook, so I am stuck with what I can find.  I am alright with this idea.  If you aren’t, then you will need to make a lot of the food on your own.  I also noticed that in quite a bit of the food has sugar in it, and I know that it’s not Raw Sugar, so as long as it is just a little amount I am allowing that as well. I am still seeing a difference in how my body looks, but more importantly in how I am feeling.

Eat What You Find In Nature!  I know my rules are going beyond just cutting out artificial sugar, but trust me you will feel better and look better if you do these things.  I have been trying to limit what I eat if I can’t actually find it in nature.  SO if the meat I want is chicken and byproduct….umm what is byproduct, can you find that on a farm easily or does it have to be an addition?…then I don’t eat it.  If it says it’s fruit in artificial flavorings…what is artificial flavorings?…then I don’t eat it.  I used to have trail mix or granola bars as snack foods, but the past five days it’s be almonds…why almonds?  Because I can actually find those in nature!  There aren’t any additions to it!  Find something that works for you that you can find in nature and go for it!

Don’t Get Mad If Something Sneaks In!   The first few days I felt like I was just limiting myself so much that I felt like I couldn’t have anything!  Now if it’s something that Greg made me to eat I’m going to eat it, just limit it elsewhere throughout the day, or not eat as much of it, but still have some of it.  I have choices I can make, and I can’t limit everything in the world from my diet so if we go out to eat I’ll eat what I order, but try and make it as healthy as possible, though I’m sure those carrots had a honey glaze on them that wasn’t raw honey!  Ha!  As long as you are trying and giving it the best shot then I’m ok with that!

When In Doubt, Just Eat Veggies and Fruits!  If you feel as though all of your choices are just full of sugars and will make you feel down on yourself, just eat some fruits and vegetables.  I’m not saying cut out meat all the way, unless that is your thing, just increase your intake of veggies and fruits, because if you are like me and the rest of the US you probably aren’t getting enough veggies and fruits anyways, so it can’t hurt you!

There you have it, a challenge that I was given by a blog I follow, who follows another blog (which now I also follow).  Please check them out (I list them below) and I’m sure they can give you more information about the subject and why they are doing it and what results they are having.  None of us are doctors, and most of this info I got from them and they got from books.   But nothing we are saying is something that will hurt you, but can only help your body in the long run.  The results I have seen in the past 5 days I am pretty amazed with!  I have more energy, my cellulite is going down, and my pooch is down a bit! 

My little pooch is going down (this pic is horrible, really can’t see my starting abs really, but it does show the pooch during day 4, this is in the morning, and usually it is much bigger then this!)

 All in all I am impressed with this challenge and I’m going to continue doing my hardest to complete the challenge and possibly make this part of my daily food routine. 

Two blogs I follow that helped me understand and get enthusiastic about this challenge:

The both are also on Facebook, and I follow them there, as well.


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