I Woke Up To This…

Today I woke up feeling much better than I had all weekend and Monday.  I still look pretty bad, but not as bad as I did this weekend.  I got ready for work and walked outside ready to start this day with an actual smile on my face (and for those of you who actually know me, you know I’m NOT a morning person at all).  I went outside and got in my car, put my seatbelt on, and turned my head over my right shoulder to see if anyone was behind me or coming up the road so I could back up.  I noticed a lot of water markings on my little side window in the back seat (the one right next to the window in my back seat that can go down), and I thought it was weird that it was only on that one part of the window.  Now if you know me, you know I don’t think very quickly in the morning either.  Then it hit me, I don’t think that is water!  So I parked my car, go out, and went around to the passenger side of my car and there was my window shattered!  It looks like either someone tried to break in, but then lost their nerve, a child threw something and it hit it, or a rock flew up from a passing car and hit it.  You can actually see the point of impact on the window near the very top.  I ran inside, horrified, to get Greg and show him. 

What it looks like looking at the window from the inside…

He came outside and looked at it and then started looking to see if we could find what actually hit it, we couldn’t.  He told me it’d be ok to drive to work, just drive slowly.  This was the loudest drive to work, it sounded like the window was all the way down!  Little pieces of the glass started to fall away in the wind.  I made it to work with only a few pieces missing and I taped it up.  This did not make for a great Tuesday morning, BUT I can say I am blessed to have a car and to be able to drive and to be at work today! Always looking for the bright side in moments like this. 

Once I got to work I taped paper over the window since the pieces fell in, yes, you might be hick if you tape paper over your window, so be it!


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One response to “I Woke Up To This…”

  1. jlorscheider says :

    Wow, honey! I’m sorry about the car but, glad that everything will be okay. And it’s okay to be a hick…just blame it on where you came from ha ha 😉

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