Red Eye Weekend

I went home this weekend to my parents house in small town in central Illinois.  I left early on Saturday morning.  I didn’t feel well, and my eyes were hurting really bad.  I had to take Bella to my mom, so my mom could take Bella to the vet today, Tuesday.  We will get Bella back tonight, but she will be a sleepy girl, she had her first dental appointment today. 

Bella is telling me she wants to go see her Grandma and Grandpa, and Abby…she gets really excited to go.

Once I got home Bella and Abby (my parents new puppy) started playing around and wrestling in the living room, my mom looked at my eyes and asked me what the heck happened and why did I look like that. 

Really, these two love each other, they just have to play hard when they first see each other 🙂

I looked in the mirror and was shocked…my eyes were bright red!  My left one started to swell up.  They were slightly red throughout the week and on Friday night, but this time they were awful!  I looked like the devil in my eyes and like death in the face. I was pale and looked really drained.  I laid on the couch and she put some eye drops in my eyes that her eye doctor said would

See…Bella and Abby can enjoy each others company without all the playing around.

be good for me to use.  I slept through the eye drops doing its thing and woke up to slightly less red eyes.  I left feeling a better to see my friend Jaclyn, she is going to have her baby any day now and I wanted to see her badly.  It was great catching up with her and I got to feel her baby girl kick!I was going to leave Jaclyns and head straight to St. Louis, but my eyes hurt so bad and I felt even worse that I decided to head back to my hometown.  I got home and my mom gave me some more medicine and helped with my eye drops again and I went to bed. 

Me, trying to smile, but I can’t open my eyes much, and I look like super drained. This is what I basically looked like all weekend and Monday.

I woke up, still looking drained  and without much of an appetite.  I didn’t even want to head home to St. Louis that afternoon, but I did.  On the way home I became sad, because our farmers feilds looks so dried up, and I’m worried for them and for the corn.

A corn field I stopped by and took this picture…it’s so brown and dried up 😦

Once home Greg and I ran some errands and I was getting hungry so we went to my favorite sub place and I got a pizza sub.  Once home I went straight to sleep around 8p.m.. 

Throughout the night I tossed and turned and finally ended up on the couch.  I called off work because I was exhausted and my left eye was horribly red and felt like someone was stabbing it and it was swollen, I could barely open it fully.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch. 

This is how I spent most of my day Monday…sleeping off and on on the couch, mostly on, and watching tv inbetween.

I woke up today and felt much better considering how the weekend made me feel and I my eyes can open fully.  My allergies are so bad this time of year, especially before the first really good frost, but I have NEVER had it effect my eyes like this.  This was scary and painful!  I’m glad my eyes aren’t as red today, through I’m still feeling the stabby feeling.  I’m glad to be back at work and feeling better than I did all weekend.


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