Totally Tuesdays Today

Every Tuesday I’m going to have a Totally Tuesday Today moment.  Today’s moment is going to be about relationships.  Greg and I try and do something sweet for each other randomly throughout our years together.  And though this year was hard on us, he was laid off for almost a whole year (during our first year of marriage), and so that put some hardships on us, we still managed to do some pretty sweet things for each other.  I think this is super important, no matter what year you are in your marriage or relationship.  One of the things I did for Greg was buy this 4 pack of greeting cards that were blank in the middle but on the outside it said “You Rock” I got them off this website,  which is a great place to find shirts for husband and wife and other neat little relationship things.  I wrote in the cards every week and then hid them randomly around the house each week for a month in places he would most likely look at some point.  In the cards I listed reasons why I think he rocks.  It was a simple, cute, and quick idea that both of us had fun with.  Do something sweet for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc today!

This is the front of one of the cards.


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One response to “Totally Tuesdays Today”

  1. kathy says :

    Too cute!

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