So the biggest lie I was told this week was that everyone had been using the ketchup cups at fast food places incorrectly all this time, don’t listen to them, people, it’s not true!  I was a sucker for it, and I’m here to tell you the truth!  I thought it was a great idea at first, genius even…it’s not!

 I cheated on my no artificial sugar challenge yesterday because Greg and I had to eat on the run to go and pick up Bella from my parents, who kept her for her dental cleaning. Bella was happy to see us but slept the whole way home, she was tired!  We had missed her since she was gone and wanted her back as soon as possible. 

 We went to a fast food place and I got my usual, then they started talking to us about how we could save money if we switched my usual to a kids meal.  So we were like, umm ok?  So we switched it to a kids meal.  The kids meal came with two sides.  So I pull out my meal and I have the two sides, which we made just two french fries, thinking they would be about the same amount as a regular fry.  These fries were the same as a regular fry, so count that two regular fries with my meal!  That is crazy!  In  a world with children that are very unhealthy, and this place supposedly promoted “being fit”, then why are the kids meals coming with the same size as an adults meal and with an extra side to boot?  It was crazy!

 Anyway, back to the biggest lie this week!  I decided to test out this “right” way of opening up the ketchup cups to make them bigger and use their design to carry more ketchup.  So I opened up the cups and put ketchup in.  First off, they were flimsy once they were opened up so some of the ketchup almost fell out of them.  Second off, they weren’t very stable once I sat them down, either and the ketchup wanted to roll out onto my place mat on the table.  This wasn’t the best way to eat ketchup. 

 Now I’m a huge ketchup eater, and I love the environment.  So you would think this would be the next best thing to sliced bread for me.  You use less cups and you get more ketchup!  BUT, it’s awful, and I don’t recommend it.  Either use less ketchup, so you use less cups, or put the ketchup on your placemat on your tray and eat it that way. 

Here you can see the regular cup size, and then one filled, and one I used so you can see it spread out for the experiment that doesn’t work very well. You can see how unstable it is just by this picture! Try it if you don’t believe me, I didn’t like it at all.

 I am not a fan of the “new” correct way to use the ketchup cups at fast food places.


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