No Artificial Sweetener Challenge Update

I’m back at the no artificial sweetener (and trying to limit chemicals in foods) challenge.  I took one day off when we had to go and pick up Bella from my parents in central Illinois since they were watching her for her dental vet appointment near their hometown.  Greg and I went to a fast food place. 

I had real sugar in my ice tea because I didn’t have any Raw Sugar packets in my purse and this fast food place didn’t have any, of course.  I didn’t splurge on a soda, though, so that’s great!  Now I have Raw Sugar packets in my purse.  I went out with a friend of mine last night and the place didn’t have Raw Sugar, but I did in my purse! Ice Tea and Raw Sugar for the win!

Raw Sugar Used! So glad I had the packets in my purse!

One day out of 7 isn’t bad! I’m ok with that outcome, especially since my allergies hit hard this week and I have been craving a lot of not good for you food, but have set the cravings aside and instead had natural sugar in fruits to calm those cravings.  Watermelon is my new best friend!

My weight has always fluctuated, but so far on this challenge I have toned up and I have lost 3lbs in a week.  I haven’t been able to really work out, due to allergies flaring up, so it’s not exercise that has been causing this dramatic weight loss.  I haven’t even been watching my calorie intake.  By just eliminating anything but Raw Sugar in my diet, I have lost three pounds in a week!  That’s amazing!  I know that sugars have crept in via processed foods or in sauces and other things, but I have just cut back on the high sugar/sweetener foods and this is what can happen!  I’m excited to see what happens at the end of the 21 days!  This really has been the most simple challenge I have ever done that concerns food and weight loss and it’s shown the most results in the first week!


It’s not to late to start this challenge!  Let me know if you start and how it goes! 🙂 I’ll be able to help support you, encourage you, and answer any questions through the Facebook page!


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