No Artificial Sugar Challenge Update Number 3

I have had some serious sugar cravings and if it was for Greg taking chocolate chip cookies away from me, like throwing them away or eating them, anything to get them out of the house, I would have consumed at least two this weekend!  Instead he got rid of them and gave me watermelon! Watermelon has really been my sweet tooth savor the past three weeks! 


My watermelon, which really calmed my sugar cravings this weekend.

I eat it after almost every meal so I don’t feel the need to go and grab a cookie or some candy and it has really been helping! 


Even Bella wanted to nibble on some Watermelon this weekend too.

I have lost a total of 4lbs so far and I’m in the home stretch of this challenge, this is my last week. I may try and continue it, though I’m sure I’m going to need to take a day or two off.  I saw a commercial for one of my favorite seasonal shakes that are back at a nearby restaurant, I almost lost it at that moment and went and bought one, but I held back! 

The Carmel Apple Milkshake I’ve been craving ever since I saw the commercial for it this weekend.


This challenge has definitely been that for me, a challenge.  I am such a sugar lover and to give it almost all up and artificial sugar as well, it’s really limited me on a lot of foods I love.  I am trying to switch my natural urge to eat that ice cream to eating fruits instead.  The first week and second week wasn’t that hard to do, but this third week has been very tempting so far.  I’m ready to finish strong though!


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