Totally Tuesdays Today

A little trick that I learned last year from Greg’s Aunt C has come in handy multiple times!  It’s the simplest way to clean a microwave I have ever seen.  Sometimes, especially when I’m trying to do something in the kitchen, you make a mess in the kitchen and it’s hard to clean it all up.  One trick is if something is stuck inside your microwave, for example we’ve had rice explode in there and it gets hard and stuck on very quickly, take a mug full of water and put it in the microwave for a minute or two.  Open up the microwave, safely take the mug of very hot water out of it, and start wiping at the inside of it.  Whatever was stuck on or gross inside will easily come off in a flash!  I clean our microwave all the time now, and it’s always spotless!  It’s simple, quick, and makes your microwave more hygienic! 

Not my real microwave…


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