Kindle Review

So for our one year anniversary Greg got me a Kindle.  Now the first anniversary of a marriage is the “paper anniversary” and I want to follow all the anniversary “rules” so we did gifts revolving around paper.  I love books, I love to read, I love the way the smell, and I love the feeling of a good, old, heavy book in my hands!  I love how a book can take you anywhere and you can zone out from what is going on around you.  I, however, didn’t think I would ever be in to an ereader.  I was wrong.  Now it may be just because I have only been purchasing books by one of my new favorite authors, Amanda Hocking, or it may be that I really enjoy the ereader, I couldn’t tell you which it is for sure.  (One of her books on my EReader –

 I am enjoying that I can carry multiple books with me and my bag doesn’t get SO weighed down, but I miss flipping and dog earing pages.  Overall I have been reading about a book a day on it (I’m an extremely fast reader) and I have been enjoying the books I have on it.  Having a lightweight “book” always at your fingertips is nice and so I think my excitement of this series I’m reading has kept me intrigued on the EReader.  If you are like me and like to carry multiple books with you, a Kindle or another Ereader would be good for you, BUT if you only carry one book at a time, just stick to books.   If you have poor eye sight, like I do, the Kindle is a good thing too, because I can make the books I’m reading have large print so I’m not squinting at a screen (like I do all day long at the computer). 

Hubs is going to be happy to not have another series of books on our bookshelves and I’m going to enjoy having them at easy reach, but again I don’t know if I am completely hooked or not or turned into an ereader fanatic.  I’m still a book type of gal. 

 I don’t like how you change the pages, or how there aren’t page numbers, but I do like how the percentage of the book you have completed is at the bottom of the page.  I also like how long the battery lasts on the Kindle!  That is a huge plus!  I don’t feel like I will have to worry about it randomly shutting down from low power at any point. 


My overall grade for the Kindle is a 84% so in the “B” territory, not my favorite thing, but it is convenient. 

(this isn’t sponsored by Kindle or anything, just a personal review)


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