Warrior Dash 2012!

Yesterday I was on Groupon, yes, I’m one of “those” people who like Groupon and other websites like that.  They had an amazing deal $35 for $80 participant price for Warrior Dash Missouri! 

 I had participated last year in Warrior Dash, and it was a lot of fun, though I was scared to death of it mostly from nightmares I had been having months leading up to it.  I participated with three other girls and it was my first 5K ever!  I didn’t do horribly and there were only a few obstacles that I wasn’t able to actually do.  Everything else I did!  One of the rope walls got me, and I had encouragement from one of my friends who was with me, an older man who helped me over the top, and every “warrior” on the wall climbing with me cheered me on!  It was one of the best feelings finally going over the wall and making it to the bottom on the other side.  I felt invincible! 

Do you see the man in the white shirt on the left side at the top? I’m the girl in the pink sports bra. That older man, helped me over the top, with my friends encouragement at the bottom of the wall and everyone else on the wall, I did it! 🙂 It was amazing getting over my fears of falling and heights!

Next up was jumping over fire, again I was invincible at that point, so it was a cinch. 

BUT after that was the mud pit with barbed wire over the top of us.  This freaked me out because this was the main part of my nightmares about Warrior Dash, where I died a horrible barbed wire in the neck death.  Well needless to say, I kept my head down and made it out on the other side, through the finish line and lived! 

This was taken after I had just completed my first 5K 🙂 excited to do the Warrior Dash again this year! 🙂

 I wasn’t going to participate in Warrior Dash this year, we had other bills and at the point when the price was the cheapest Greg didn’t have a job.  Other things were more important to me than just the Dash, so I gave it up.  Now that Greg has a job, and the price is lowered to just $35 (seriously, what a deal!) with the Groupon, I’m ready to train it up for the Warrior Dash 2012!

 I have a strict eating schedule that I am following and I’m starting 6 Week 6 Pack, back up, with Jillian.  I’m also throwing in my weight routine and 5K training again. 

 My goal for this year’s Warrior Dash is to beat my time from last year.  I’m pretty excited.  Two of the girls that participated with me last year won’t be able to this year for different reasons, but next year I’m going to be all about them being right there next to us again! The girl I ran the Color Run with (see my first blog entry) will be racing with me at the Warrior Dash!  It’s going to be A LOT of FUN!

Warrior Dash – I Survived 2011…bring it on 2012! 🙂


Stay tuned for adventures in my training and then of course the race itself!


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One response to “Warrior Dash 2012!”

  1. Jon and Phyllis says :

    I’m so proud of you Britt…you are truly an inspiration!

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