No Artificial Sweetener 21 Day Challenge – Final Update

My 21 days are over! CELEBRATE! I did it!  I went 21 days without any artificial sweetener or processed sugar and cutting back on any chemicals in my food intake!  It’s an incredible feeling, meeting that challenge and following through.  Of course there were setbacks.  I wanted sugar badly the second week, but this week it really wasn’t that bad. 

A regular meal for me would look something like this, more veggies then anything (I ate half of the green beans before I remembered to take a photo ha!) with smaller portions of everything else.

I’m excited to have my caramel apple milkshake tonight, but I know that I won’t’ be able to finish a regular sized one, so I’m going to get a small one instead.  I’m going to try a pumpkin spice latte from a different place tomorrow, I’ve never had one, and I’ve been told I can’t die without trying one, so I’m going to check that off my bucket list tomorrow. 

But then on Wednesday, I’m going back to the challenge.  I’m going to allow myself one or two sweet things a week, but I’m limiting it in portion size. 

I lost 5lbs in 3 weeks on this challenge, with barely working out due to allergies.  That’s a ton of weight that my body was loading up on due to chemicals it couldn’t process. 

5lbs down from 21 days ago.

I feel better and not as tired when I get home from work.  My stamina for getting a lot of things done has also gone up, for example, yesterday I cleaned the upstairs of the house, cleaned out my car (which is always a mess on the inside), did three different workouts, watched two shows on tv, and went grocery shopping.  I was lucky if I had the stamina and energy to actually complete three of those things, but I did all of them!   The most exciting thing about this challenge, though, is that Saturday I was able to put on my “skinny jeans” (ya know, those jeans that you have hidden in the back of your closet that you are two scared to put on because you KNOW they won’t zip up, yeah those ones).   I hadn’t been able to wear those jeans since around last November, the wouldn’t go over my big booty or hips, and when I tried them on last month I couldn’t put them on then either.  I was ecstatic when we had a get together with friends and my only clean jeans were those skinny jeans in my closet that I hated, and when I put them on they fit, WITH room to SPARE! That made this whole challenge worth it!


I have recently found sweeter things have not been entering my mind as something I’m missing and I’m not tempted when they are in front of me.  I’m going to continue my intake of a lot of fruits and vegetables instead of cakes or cookies!  The only reason I can figure for not really wanting the sweets anymore would be the additictives inside the sweets are finally out of my system (or almost) and so I’m not “craving them” because I’m not “addicted” to them anymore.  I’ll post some links about this in a different blog in the near future.

This really has changed the way I look at food and what I am putting inside of my body! 

I would like to thank my family and friends that were near me during this challenge and putting up with my saying no to sweet things they either made or bought and offered me.  It means a lot that you all can stand by my side and help me through these types of things! 

Greg has been amazing and helped me steer off temptation via cookies multiple times during the past 21 days, I couldn’t have done this (especially the second week of it) without him!

One more pic of me in my SKINNY JEANS! HA!


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