My First Taste of Processed/Artificial Sugar in 21 Days…

 Yesterday I had my very first taste of processed/artificial sugar in 21 days via a caramel apple milkshake. 

I went to this restaurant the day before I started the challenge to see if they had this milkshake available since fall was coming up, but I was told they weren’t out yet.  I was pretty bummed about that 23 days ago.  The first day of my challenge I saw the advertisement for it on tv, so that was the day after I had gone and asked them about it.  My mouth started watering for it and I couldn’t think of much else the first day.

 When I decided to go and get this milkshake I went to the drive through to order and I ordered a small.  Once I get to the window they give me a regular.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to drink that much of it, but I paid for it and left.  I didn’t have a taste of it until I got to my small group meeting. 


At first my reaction was…


But then, after about 5 minutes of sipping it, and only getting about an inch down from the top of the glass, this was my reaction…


The milkshake tasted SO rich, and it was WAY too sweet!  I threw the rest of the milkshake away. 

I think my taste buds have changed over the course of not having anything but natural sweeteners in my diet and it’s not use to the drastic flavors with things that are sweetened without being natural.  I’m going to have to take it slowly with this.  I’m going to have the pumpkin spice latte, I’ve been told I have to try, tonight.  I’m going to get the small again! 

After I have my spice latte tonight I’m going to give up sugar and sweetener again, unless it’s Raw Sugar, so I can focus on having a healthy body.  I will try to introduce “regular” American food back into my system in Oct (after the Warrior Dash), with a limitation of that food. 

The challenge has really changed the way I think of food and what I’m eating and how my body and taste buds react to things, it seems!


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2 responses to “My First Taste of Processed/Artificial Sugar in 21 Days…”

  1. savynaturalista says :

    Did you have a food hangover?? I try to leave processed foods alone although they smell so good.. I get really, really sick if I eat them..

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