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It’s important to me to always tell those I love, “I love you,” when I’m leaving the house or getting off the phone.  I feel like you never know if something will happen and you won’t have the chance to ever say that again.  On a day as important in U.S. history as Sept 11th, I think it’s important to remember to always show your appreciation and love for those who are close to you. 

One way that Greg and I show appreciation to each other and our love is by eating supper together most evenings out of the week.  You’ve seen pictures of our coffee table a lot already, on this blog, the reason for that is that’s where we spend a lot of time together.  We eat supper there almost every night.  It’s a time to just sit and enjoy each other’s company and reflect on our day, dreams, goals, and possibilities for the evening and in life.  We embrace this time together because sometimes it’s hard to just slow down in this crazy world and enjoy what’s around us.  We will probably also watch a tv show that we can enjoy together and just pause for a beat. 

This is also a time when we can pray together.  We talk about what we would like to pray about and we make it a point to do this before we eat.  I fully believe that praying with someone is one of the most intimate things you can do, and when you find someone you can really open up with and pray, just you, them and God, it really makes a difference in your relationship. 

At the beach, on our honeymoon, at a table taking a break from life and just enjoying the time we spend together.

Take time today to just enjoy those around you, thank them for being them, tell them you love them (if you do), and pray for them. 

Today we remember, and we always will!


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