Totally Tuesdays Today

Sometimes you need a little change in your life.  Not big changes, just something that will make something shine.  I think that “normal”, and “every day”, are good things, but I also believe that switching things up and trying something new is good too. 

I keep getting asked why I am doing some things so out of the ordinary for me.  For example, Warrior Dash, The Color Run, ziplining, heck the list goes on and on if you asked my family and longtime close friends.  I think it’s because you’ve got to live a little sometimes to really understand life.  Changes in life and challenging yourself and others around you really will bring about some new clarity to different things around you.

So instead of making a major change to our life, last weekend, we made a small one.  One that most people wouldn’t even notice, but one that we will see daily.  We got a new bed spread and bench for the end of our bed.  Our master bedroom looks different and all we had to do was switch a few things around.  At least this is one my mom won’t have a heart attack about after it’s been done (I don’t tell her any changes – like ziplining – until after I’ve accomplished the challenge, she’d go berserk if I told her before!  I’m always going to be her baby girl.  : ) ).  It’s pretty amazing to  see how with just two changes in our room and it can go from simple and decent, to amazing and functional in a matter of seconds! 

Our first bench I got from a piano instructor from my college years.  We put it at the end of our bed to sit on to put shoes on in the morning, which never happened because Bella decided that she would need to sleep on the bench every night.  So when we tell Bella it’s time to go “night, night” she head straight for her bench and plops up there and falls asleep.  The old bench was to high up for our little dogs legs to fully reach, and I was worried about her straining her back.  She loves her bench, though. The old bedspread is lightweight and a pretty blue, and great for the summer/springtime months.  I just think our master suite needed a little more color and a slight change for the colder months that are going to be here soon.

The new bench came with a small ottoman that Bella can use to climb up on the new bench with, think stairs, pillows, and the bench has a storage area where we can put clean sheets and blankets!  It was a really good sale at Kohl’s and so that is where we got both the bench and the bedspread set.  The bedspread set was also on sale, and came with decorative pillows and a few other little things that I geeked out about when showing Greg at the store.  We both agreed that they’d make some great changes to the space.  We pulled the bench into the space and put the new bedspread on the bed and BAM! our little space turned into a really comfortable space with a new look and some new colors to brighten up the room in the fall and winter months! 

The bench is hard to see in this picture, but it’s there, it’s just a dark brown.

I think Bella likes her bench too, she has no problems getting up on it and she fell asleep after a times going in a circle to make it comfortable.

Find some new things, even if they are things in a different room, move them around, see what just a few changes can really do to a room!  Just seeing the room got us in the cleaning spirit and the room was cleaned as well!  It looks great! Try it! 🙂


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One response to “Totally Tuesdays Today”

  1. Jon and Phyllis says :

    This is great Britt! Your bedroom looks SO much more inviting! I love the step up to the bench for Bella too…that’s awesome. Funny thing is, I rearranged our living room and family room today and LOVE the new space! Two great minds thinking alike, once again! :o) Sweet dreams!

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