Struggles and Laughter

For every moment we struggle, there is another moment that will bring laughter and smiles. Ecclesiastes 3:12 says, I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. I try and live by this philosophy in life. I, along with everyone else in this world, have to face certain struggles every day and sometimes it’s hard to see through and be happy and do good on earth. These struggles go from money, to ailing family members or friends, to being stuck in traffic for way too much time.

I’ll tell you what I’ve learned, though sometimes I still struggle in keeping a positive outlook God’s usually using something or someone in my life to help me see the bright side eventually. For instance I was having a major issue with something and I was VERY unhappy with life. Every time someone brought it up I’d get my angry eyes on (well that’s what Greg and my mom says I have when I get angry) and feel discouraged and also get angry at the topic…it wasn’t pretty.

But one day this happened, and Greg’s uncles actually came to my rescue. I was surprised, I never thought of it the way they happened to speak about the subject. Basically the told me, it’s not the end of the world and it’s going to change if you keep pushing forward. They were right…so right that I stopped getting my angry eyes on when the topic was brought up and instead told those who brought up the subject, “I’ve got hope that it will change in the near future!” I’ve got to push through and do the best that I can do and be happy!

It’s amazing how just a few words from two people who were just brought into my life a few years ago can change the way you really think about something. I feel truly blessed to know that each person has been brought into my life (or me into theirs) for a certain reason. I think those two uncles just showed me at least one of the reasons I met them.

Think back on the struggles that you face, these could be daily struggles or just things that randomly pop up. They all affect us the same, we get discouraged, we might get angry, we might just give up hope…but by following the scripture and push through and be happy and know that Gods got this one, the struggles kind of don’t seem so daunting. When something bad is happening something good usually follows. I am now choosing to smile and laugh and get through those struggles.

With the help of those around me I find more smiles and laughter in my life now than I ever have! Just last night Greg and I had a struggle of cleaning the guest room up for our guests this weekend. I nearly had a breakdown, but he helped me through it and we talked it out, and at the end of the night we were laughing so hard at something that had happened I think my face turned purple and blue from it all! It’s times like those that make certain struggles melt away.


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One response to “Struggles and Laughter”

  1. brian mcferron says :

    thanks for sharing Brittany – I’ve had my struggles (mostly job related), but things are getting better with my attitude towards where I work. It’s what you make of it. My reference librarian dreams are put on the back burner for one more day, but at least I know I am making a difference 🙂
    happy weekend to you and Greg!

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