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So sometimes you get told, last minute, that someone’s coming over.  Sometimes the situation is something you actually knew about for awhile, but forgot or never had the time in the days leading up to them coming over to actually clean.  Whatever the situation is, now you’re in panic mode.  I mean what do you do?  Do you leave the house, as is, and hope no one notices?  OR do you rush around and try to do a million little things to make the difference in what the others will see.  Well if you are like me I use to do all the million little things.  AND now I focus on just a few big things and then I pull out my “secret weapon!”
I hope my followers and the random people that come across my blog can keep a secret! (No seriously, tell everyone, it works wonders!).
My secret is room spray.  I use Scentsy brand room spray, because I feel they freshen up the rooms more, but you can use whatever room spray you want.  But,  this little thing can make a huge difference in what others might think of your home.

When I’m short on time, I make the quick run through.  My plan of action is, close bedroom doors and office door, check the bathroom to make sure it is clean (if not to my standards, clean it and take the time do to it right.  Seriously my  standards are super high for bathrooms, WAY to many germs to not be!), whip up the counters and appliances in the kitchen, quick dusting in the living room, and if you can vacuum up all the dog hair off the floors in living room, hallway, kitchen, and bathroom.  After doing this quick sweep, which usually takes me 20-30 minutes if I rush (which usually I only have that amount of time, or less when the situation above occurs) and then right before the guests arrive, I spray all the rugs and the bathtub curtain with the room spray and either light a candle or my Scentsy warmer.  BAM! Our home looks decent, but it smells fresh, clean, and welcoming!

I try and keep the room spray, candle or warmer scents complementary to each other.
The next time you find yourself low on time but with guests coming over and you just don’t feel right when someone enters your home if it’s not in decent shape…try my little secret weapon…I get a lot of compliments when I do this, and usually get told I didn’t have to clean up for them before they came…they just don’t realize it usually doesn’t take me long if I pull this weapon out!  No problem at all!


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