My Vacation…Part 1

 So I know I have been lagging in my blog posts, and there is a really good reason…I was busy on vacation. Now this vacation was more like a “catch up on everything you can’t do while you are at work, and then when you can enjoy it” vacation. I had appointments and other things that happened that I had to take care of, that I can’t do working 8-5 Monday through Friday. I consider my vacation to have started over the weekend, though, and this is my “Part 1” of “My Vacation” posts. Enjoy!

We had friends coming into town to stay with us on Friday night so I spent most of Friday evening cleaning the whole house. Saturday was catching up on laundry and a few other miscellaneous things.

Sunday morning we had brunch with the friends that stayed with us and caught up more with them. Friday they got in late and Saturday they were at a wedding in town. This was a lot of fun, Sunday, because we ate at an all organic pizzeria and just got to enjoy each other’s company.

What was bad about this, was Greg and I were supposed to drive separately, but we woke up to him having a flat tire. So we had to take my car together. After we got done eating and said our goodbyes I had to drop Greg off at a place his friends were meeting up. After that I had to move on, 2 hours behind schedule, to my first stop on my vacation.

I drove to Springfield and visited with one of my oldest and dearest friends and got to meet and see her baby girl, Sydney! I cherish this little girl just as much as I cherish my friend, Jaclyn! She is SO cute and I held her for most of the time I was there. I just couldn’t put her down! She was adorable and I’m so glad, even though my schedule was pushed back, that I got to see her.

Me with little Miss Sydney!

This was the first baby that I ever picked up for the first time and didn’t throw up on me…yep she’s a keeper! I am so excited to be this little girls “adopted” aunt and to watch her grow up to be an amazing young lady that I know she will become! She has wonderful parents and family surrounding her, I’m sure she is going to be an inspirational person when she grows up!

One of my besties and her baby and me 🙂

After visiting with Jaclyn and her family I drove to a restaurant to celebrate my grandpas 82nd birthday! At the restaurant another birthday party was going on and they had an Elvis sing and preform for them…we got to enjoy the entertainment as well! It was a great time just seeing my family and enjoying each other’s company.

My grandpa and me 🙂


It’s times like this past weekend that make me feel truly blessed. We got to see some friends from out of town that we hadn’t seen in a while, and watching Greg and his friend talk like old times brought a smile to my face and the stories they told, ha! Too funny! Greg’s car was easily fixed with an air compressor later that evening, so that’s a blessing. I got to meet a beautiful and wonderful baby girl and see my friend in a new role as Mama (I think she’s got this down, and is an amazing mom), and really enjoy seeing a new life in her baby. I also got to see one of my favorite men in my life turn another year older and just listen to his stories (his favorite thing to do). My family and friends mean the world to me and we were surrounded by that all this weekend. It was great!

And to end the post, I’ll leave you with this picture of the Elvis (though quite an overweight and older version of Elvis, he was a pretty good singer!)


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