My Vacation…Part 2

I was off from Monday through Wednesday and those days went something like this…

Monday I had meetings with some organizations I’d love to join. I learned more about the organizations and what they do to help others. I use to be a part of many organizations that helped people or animals, and since moving to Missouri I haven’t found organizations that really expressed how I feel about those things, until now! One of the organizations helps with different animal shelters and kids – adults around the area. I can’t wait to turn in my paper work and hopefully be accepted to join!

After my meetings my Mother-in law and I went to the mall and went shopping. I got what I needed, but mostly the trip was for her and we found a dress for her for her daughters upcoming wedding! (Congrats Annie and T.J.!) I’m a huge fan of weddings and marriages (as you can tell from my blog) so I love seeing love move into it’s different stags, weddings being one of them. I’m super excited for my Sister-in law and her fiance’. She’s going to be a beautiful bride and now her mom is going to look amazing in her new dress!

Tuesday Greg took a half day and after my eye doctors appointment we went to the zoo! This was a pretty special trip, not just because I could finally see again (I’ve felt my eyes change the past month and everything was getting pretty blurry), but because we got to see the new sea lion exhibit. This exhibit lets you walk under the water in a tube and watch the sea lions and seals swim with eachother. It had to be one of the most calming exhibits ever. It’s just relaxing! The animals were pretty amazing too, they swim differently then what we expected. They kind of swim like torpedoes and they also twist and turn under water. This was very exciting and we stayed under the water for quite awhile just watching them swim!




After the underwater exhibit we watched them feeding the animals and they did tricks, like laying down, and enjoyed some fine cuisine…raw fish…yuck!


When we left the exhibit I saw something under a bush that was just hiding there…I got closer and a peacock was sitting there staring at me. Now if you know Greg or me personally, you know that peacocks have a special place in our hearts because we had one visit our front yard a few years ago, and ever since then we just love the birds. I got some great pictures of it and just enjoyed seeing the beauty of the bird.


We left after seeing a few other exhibits because it started to rain and the park was closing. We got in the car and got on the interstate. Once there it started to get pretty bad out and a car behind us didn’t stop quick enough and rear ended us. The good part about this was the driver was slowing down and didn’t hit us with a lot of force, the bad news it the force did cause damage to my car and now we’ve got to get it fixed. Interesting, though, as soon as we got off the interstate, saw that the lady driving was ok (she followed us to the nearest exits gas station since there really wasn’t away for us to get out of our cars on the interstate due to traffic and the rain) and the cop got there to make a report it started hailing really badly. Since we were safely parked at a gas station we weren’t driving in the hail, that was a blessing!


It’s dented and the reflectors broken…this year has been a year of car issues for us…hopefully this is the last!

Once we got home both Greg and I were covered from head to toe in rain water and were freezing. We ended up changing into our pjs and watching tv the rest of the night just snuggled on the couch…even though it was a small accident it still shook us up, the possibility of it being worse or one of us getting hurt was there and I’m so thankful that didn’t happen!

My last day of vacation I spoiled myself and got a nice massage! It was a great way to end vacation! Bella and I went picked up Greg from work and headed home! We ended my vacation eating supper at our coffee table and enjoying time together! It was a great vacation and I got a lot accomplished and had a few adventures along the way!


Bella waiting for Greg to get off work. She was waiting all day to see him! 🙂


What my breakfasts usually looked like on vacation…all organic everything…Seriously addicted to how amazing organic food tastes. (This has nothing to do with this blog post, I know, but I wanted to show you all I’m still doing the no sugar thing (artificial or processed) and it’s still going strong! Bella really likes when I’m home for breakfasts!)


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