What do you eat? How were you able to accomplish it? Questions = Answered

I recently realized how important food is to actually losing weight.  When I first started 2 years ago, I focused on taking in food and working out the right equation for weight loss by using myfitnesspal.com.  I didn’t really focus on how important food actually was until the weight just stopped coming off…and more so, it started to come back! AH!!!

 Well I found out that at the beginning it works, if you equal out the equation to the amount of calories you can eat to lose weight then you will lose weight because your body is in shock…it’s like HELLO when did you start moving away from the couch and limiting the amount of food I can have.  BUT after a while it gets used to that, eating whatever and working out, it stabilizes and stops losing and just maintains…it’s no longer in shock.  And when I was eating McD’s and gaining weight I didn’t understand why it wasn’t working for me anymore. 

 Well I decided to try out the whole no sugar (artificial or processed) thing in my diet and also trying to cut back on chemicals altogether.  That worked!  It brought my body into this let’s not keep fat on the body let’s release it and just use food for the good nutrients needed. 

This change in my food wasn’t something that happened over night, though from my blog posts it seems that way.  I did cut sugar cold turkey, but chemical free food is something I have been trying to do for about a year now.  It’s hard to do.  Almost everything you pick up is going to have a chemical in it.  Since our bodies were never supposed to have those chemicals in it in the first it doesn’t know how to get rid of it, so it stays as fat (think cellulite) and continues to stay in the body for a long time. 

I had to start with the basics of looking at our pantry.  Words of wisdom: if there are more than two ingredients on the box or can that you cannot even pronounce and/or that you know didn’t come from nature, throw it away and move on to the next product and continue searching for purer foods.  Once you find a product that has the two or less chemicals in it, put it on a shelf and do a happy dance! Once you are done with the pantry, move to the fridge and do this process all over again.  It seems easy enough, but it’s a difficult process, I found, and I tried to fight it.

The mug full of amazing hot spiced apple cider is nothing but natural ingediants. Not an ounce of artifical sugars, chemicals, or anything that I couldn’t find in nature is in it…it’s SO GOOD! AND it’s a way for me to get a nice hot fallish drink in with no worries! 🙂 Just because I don’t eat certain things anymore, doesn’t mean that I have to go without the goodness of comfort foods! 🙂

 It took me about a year to get through all of our foods and start buying better foods for us.    It’s a hard mind switch.  All I wanted to do at first was eat a freakin’ cheeto!  BUT I held back that “want” because I didn’t allow it in my home.  It was hard on Greg too, because he has also had to change some of the foods that we eat and that sit on our shelves.  A lot of the chemicals in foods are additives added to the foods, so my want for that cheesy “goodness” of a chip wasn’t really my healthy body talking, but my addicted mind speaking through.  I had to break the cycle of being “addicted” to the food to finally let go of the craving and instead of eating the chips or cookies or whatever eating something healthier in return.  I’m doing research now on food additives and when I collect enough findings and have gone through them all I will write a post on them for you all.

Just because I don’t eat chips anymore or candy that often doesn’t mean I don’t get filled up. I eat fruits and veggies to replace those things. These pomagrante seeds are a new thing I was introduced to, and they are amazing, fill you up, and gives you the sweetness of candy (without being too sweet) AND a crunch like a chip!

 Just think of foods in this way: If it isn’t in nature, I’m not going to eat it.  It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you don’t.  You choose to not.  Now, I can’t even eat a small bite of a Laffy Taffy without my body rebelling and telling me to get it out of my mouth.  It’s so sweet it’s bitter to me.  It’s crazy how many changes I’ve gone through when it comes to food.  I also have become picky when it comes to the grains I allow myself to eat…only whole wheat OR better yet whole grain breads and grains, no white grain/bread for me anymore. 

 This is very hard to do when you eat out, but limiting going out will help save money and will give you better opportunities to personally watch what you eat.  BUT sometimes you can’t help but go out to eat, and that’s when you need to just try and focus on healthy proportions and eating a lot of vegetables and fruits.

 I hope this clears up a lot of the questions I have been getting about how I eat and how I did it.  It’s not an easy thing, but that’s why I wrote my blog and made my facebook page, so we can support everyone who needs it!  It’s definitely an adjustment and something that isn’t easy to do.  BUT once you start it and actually accomplish a few weeks of, you won’t want the other stuff.  Again we will be touching on this topic more in the future, and I’ll even write out a post with what I eat in a day to show you how I do this. 

I know arguments could be started by this topic, but that’s not what it’s here, it’s just what I have done and what has worked for me and what I believe is needed for a healthy body based off of things I have read or heard from professionals. 

 Note: I am not a doctor or a professional nutrionalist, so these are all just things that worked for me or what I have read.


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