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To follow up with my post about eating and how that coincides with a healthy lifestyle, here is an example of how I eat.


How are meals usually look on our plates at lunch and dinner…mostly fruits and veggies

I try to eat like the plate every day for at least two meals.  Lunch and Dinner usually follow the plate more than breakfast. 

Breakfast every week day is composed of organic peanut butter on whole grain slice of bread with an organic banana and organic milk.  It has way more protein then vegetables or fruits.  I do this because I have hypoglycemia, and I don’t want my blood sugar levels to drop mid-morning which could cause a lot of issues (anything from fainting, to extreme hunger, to being cranky, nothing anyone really wants to have to deal with in the morning – or anytime for that matter, so I keep my protein levels high in the morning.). 

 Lunch is soup, sandwich, pasta meal – protein and grains.  My fruits and vegetables come in next with a lot of them and I try for a lot of organic here too.  I could have plums, peaches, green beans, carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe…the list goes on and on.  Today I had a soup with cantaloupe, two peaches, and some pomegranate seeds. 

 For supper, it usually consists of some sort of meat or maybe a hamburger or possibly pasta, either a bun or a roll, or a piece of bread with butter on it, and a lot of vegetables.  Half of our plates are filled with vegetables usually. 

 It doesn’t take too much to switch over to this way of eating, it’s pretty simple once you think of it like this plate.  It helps to break up portions of your plate so you know you are getting good foods. 

Try it…see if it helps you eat a really good and healthy meal!


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