The Scale

The scale is a good invention and a bad invention all rolled up in one handy dandy item that you can place on your floor.

 I loved the scale at the beginning of my weightloss journey 2 years ago.  Every week I saw tons of weight coming off, even if it was just ounces, it was still encouraging!  I would step on the scale everyday and I would do a happy dance when I stepped off of it.

 Then right after Greg and I got married I hit a HUGE plateau.   I hated the scale at that point…how dare it turn on me!  It was all the scales fault for me seeing the plateau, and I would get more and more discouraged when I’d step off of it everyday. 

After I hit my plateau I started to gain some weight back…are you kidding me SCALE!?!  What is wrong with you!?!  That’s not funny! How dare you!  (some of the conversations I had with the scale went something like that.)  At this point I almost gave up, what would it matter anyway?  I’m never going to see that stupid scale go down again. 

 At least, that’s what I thought.  I gave up for about two weeks, and then I decided enough was enough, I’m going to kick some booty and get back to where I was at the plateau, and then I’m going to push through that plateau. 

 So now the scale and I have a “I don’t really like you, but I’m keeping you around, but I think you lie a lot, stupid scale” type of relationship.  It’s working for us, for the moment.  I will tell you the scale isn’t everything.  You will fluctuate in weight everyday.  It depends on so many different things in your body as to what you will actually weigh in the morning.   It could be the surface the scale is on, how much sodium you had the day before, how much water you had the day before, how much your muscles are recovering, hormones, etc…

 Don’t give up if you feel like the scale is beating up on you, focus more on just being healthy.  If you are trying your hardest, staying active, and eating healthy this lifestyle will change your body for the better.  When I step on the scale, now, I focus on seeing if I am 5lbs around the weight I was the day before, and if I am, I’m alright with the gain or loss.  I only have one day a week as being my official weigh in day, the other days are “just for fun.” 

Never give up, if I had, I wouldn’t have muscles…I love my muscles now! 🙂 This is me after getting my butt kicked by a workout DVD. I founda new muscle in my arm that I had never seen before, I had to take a picture.

 The scale is an easy thing to either make you feel good or make you feel defeated.  Remember it’s just a measurement and sometimes things can throw it off, never let the scale make you feel defeated!  Remember, you are so much more than the numbers on the scale!


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