So I hate feet!  I don’t hate much, but I think feet are just horrible things! I have a foot phobia.  Most people think feet aren’t the most wonderful things in the world, but I get really freaked out when someone else’s foot touches me or I see bare feet or whatever, it’s weird!  I don’t like baby feet and I don’t like puppy feet, so you know adult feet are just super gross to me! 


Gross Puppy Feet!!!!!

Well Greg had a procedure done on his two big toes.  I have had to help him with the cleaning of them so they will heal properly…this is proof that I love him madly, deeply, and truly, because I couldn’t do this for anyone else, I don’t think.  Even if it was my own dog, who I consider my baby girl, would have to get help from Greg and not me when it’s to do with her feet.  I’m not saying I do this without a grimace on my face or some tentativeness when having to reach for his foot or when I have to look at them, but I still help him with the medicine and everything else that is needed for his treatment.  Oh, the things we have to do for the ones we love…am I right?


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