Weekend: Part 1

 Introduction to my “Weekend series”

So I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a while until today.  I feel awful about that, I try to keep this blog going with fun things we are doing, Totally Tuesdays Today posts that give ideas on how I do things to make things easier in life, and of course the health and fitness portions of my blog, and then there is the religious aspect of my blog.  Really this blog is all over the place, but I like to keep it well rounded to appeal to everyone. 

 Well I have been lacking due to a health issue that arose over the weekend, starting on Friday.  I’ll be posting what happened in a few segments and the story will continue tomorrow so you’ll have to “stay tuned” for the rest of what happened because the past few days have been a rollercoaster of fun, excitement, horror, pain, and tiredness. 


Part 1:

Friday was a great day!  I got to leave work early, head home, take a small nap, and then Greg and I went with some friends out to a bar to watch the St. Louis Cardinals game.  While everyone around me was drinking beer and mixed drinks, I sat and drank my unsweetened ice teas.  I got some really weird looks, but I’m really serious about this no artificial or processed sugars thing that I’m not going to drink something that has it in it to ruin all my hard work.

My glass of ice tea…yes, I’m the chick that goes to bars and drinks ice tea or water…don’t judge me!

  We were sad for most of the game…we were down by a lot, and really a lot of hope that we would turn it around flew out the window.  I kept saying, though, we will turn in around in this inning, and then we’d gain a few runs! But still not enough, it seemed to make the difference we needed to make it one step closer to the World Series!  It was disheartening. 

Greg being all sad that we are losing!

I was pretty sad watching this game…at first…


Greg and I ordered some food, I asked for a grilled chicken sandwich, trying to stick to healthy, and they didn’t have one, but they did have a pulled pork sandwich and so I had that instead. By the end we only had like 2 runs to win, and surprisingly we did it!  WE WON! GO CARDS! 12 in ’12!!!

We started to turn the game around…we had just gained a few runs 🙂

I was hyperventilating by the end of the game, it was SO exciting!  We were SO happy and people all over the bar were hugging strangers, cheering out, taking shots, and just all around celebrating an amazing win!  A quote from my hubby: We were NOT suppose to win that game!  That was NOT suppose to happen!  My respone:  But we did! and But it did!

The bar went wild! WE WON!!!!!!

Greg and I left a little after that.  I drove home and once there asked Greg to bring me some sinus medicine.  Now when I was younger I had allergic reactions to this medicine before, with the symptoms of a racing heart, so I have been taking it just half a pill since that point.  I’m allergic to antihistamines and since that is what is in most allergy sinus medicine I’m stuck with dealing with the one I am least allergic too. 

Well about two months ago, the taking half a pill of it didn’t quiet cut my sinuses off from the allergies so I increased the dosage to one whole pill a day.  By this point I had been taking the whole dosage of one pill a day every day for two months.  Greg handed me the pill, I took it, and I laid down in bed to go to sleep…


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