Weekend: Part 2

About an hour after trying to fall asleep I woke up, freaking out.  I felt like my body was running a marathon and my heart was beating SO fast and I wanted to start breathing quickly. 

I realized what was happening after I fully assessed the situation.  I was having that allergic reaction that I had a few years ago due to the medicine.  I called out to Greg and asked him to come to bed so I could hold his hand to remind myself that I was still alive and I was going to be alright. 

He kept asking me if I wanted to go to the E.R. because I was short of breath, I was in pain, and my heart was beating so fast (he could feel it in my pulse).  I told him no each time because I figured it would stop after a few hours.  I had a family reunion to go to the next morning and I wanted to go so badly to see my Great Great Great Great Aunts and my many cousins on my moms side.  If I went to the E.R. they were just going to tell me what I already know that is going on, and it will cause me to not get much sleep and we wouldn’t be able to go to the family reunion.  So he laid down. 


This is me, wide awake around 4a.m….I am tired, in pain, and grumpy…not a good night…

After about an hour and a half, Greg started to fall asleep.  I didn’t let go of his hand though until around 5a.m..  I know this had to be uncomfortable for him, but I needed to feel someone elses hand in mine to remind myself I was going to be alright. 

 I started to fall asleep around 2a.m., but then once I closed my eyes all I could feel was my heart beating super fast.  I had to concentrate on Gregs hand to remember to breath normally and not to hyperventilate.    I kept telling myself, I’m going to be ok, this is just an allergic reaction, don’t freak out, this will pass, you’ll feel better tomorrow, just try and relax, don’t think about it, remember to breathe…and other things of the sort.   I ended up praying to help calm myself down, that seemed to help the most…

 Around 4:45a.m., I started my status on my blog page: October 13 “Yes, it is 4:46 in the morning…yes, I have been awake all night…yes, I’m not happy about it…and yes, you will read about why in my next blog post…today will be filled with naps.” 


Do you see that time? Who is up at that time…not me…well usually…this night was horribly long and painful 😦

Around 5a.m. I let myself start to drift to sleep.  It wasn’t a restful sleep, but at this point I just needed sleep.  Again with a beating heart that is racing super fast you feel like your body is exerting its self while you aren’t doing anything.  I felt like I had ran 26.2 miles nonstop all night over and over. 

 When my alarm went off it was 9:40a.m., I had to start getting up to go to the reunion.  Greg took my pulse again, and it was still racing.  I called my mom and told her what happened and she told me not to go to the reunion and just to rest that day.  I was so upset that I would have to stay home but honestly glad I was able to stay in bed.  I went back to sleep around 11 and didn’t wake up until around 5p.m. that evening. 

 My heart rate, at this point, had slowed down, but it was still faster than usual.   Saturday went by in kind of a blur of drowsiness for me.  Late that evening I was feeling better, I felt like my heart beat was closer to normal, still a little high but more normal then it had been in almost 24 hours.  My sister in law came over and we all watched TV and talked about her wedding set for 2014.  It was a good evening.  I wasn’t scared to fall asleep that evening and I rested comfortably. 

 Sunday morning I got up, and decided I wanted to break out of this joint and go to church.  I didn’t want my stupid heart to stop me from going to something I love again.  Greg took my pulse and said it felt normal.  That was good. 

In the shower, though, my breathing started to pick up, all my energy was being zapped by my heart beating faster and faster.  I slowed down and made myself calm down and got my heartbeat back to normal again.  How scary is that?!?! 

 When we got to church I didn’t sing, I just stood there, and I grasped Gregs arm a lot for balance.  I felt weak, but I was glad I was there.  Later that afternoon Greg, my father in law, and I went to a fall festival in town.  They walked slowly for me, since walking fast hurt my chest, and we took a few breaks along the way.  I got my blood pressure done for free and it was higher than usual, but after what I had been through, I expected that.

We went to Gregs grandpas churchs picnic which is near the fall fest and both Greg and his dad made me sit down.  They said I was looking pale and so they called my mother in law to come and get me.  She is a wonderful nurse, and took me home and helped me rest and relax until Greg got home.  I felt like an invalid.  I went to bed around 9p.m. that evening, which is very abnormal and early for me. 

 Sunday the whole day my chest was feeling tight and I’d sometimes get a stabbing pain or two if I moved a certain way or breathed too deeply…the next day was a really scary day for my chest…


Stay tuned for part three of my weekend series tomorrow…


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