Weekend: Part 3

Monday I woke up feeling tired and weak, still, but I decided to head to work.  I got ready for the day and took some pain medicine.  I made my lunch and breakfast, kissed Greg goodbye, petted Bella and told her to be good, and I was out the door. 

On the way to work, my chest was feeling really tight.  I turned to check a blind spot on the interstate and a jabbing pain flew through my chest.  Alright, that wasn’t fun.  Since it was Monday morning I decided to sing one of my favorite songs that came on the radio to help make the morning a little brighter, and a stabbing pain flipped through my chest and it brought instant tears to my eyes.  I have never felt this type of pain in my chest before.

I called Greg and he said he would try and make a doctor’s appointment for me.  He asked me how I was, and I told him I was scared.  I have never had this type of pain in my chest before.  I spoke with my mom after getting off the phone with Greg and she told me that when this happened a few years ago it took me about a week or two to fully feel better after that allergic reaction; but that I never said I had this stabbing like pain before.  She told me to go to the doctors as well to make sure no permanent damage had happened to my heart. 

I walk into my office, put down my things, try and wipe my eyes clear of any new tears that had popped in my eyes and told my supervisor what was happening.  I waited for Greg to tell me about a doctors appointment.  He finally tells me that they can’t see me until Tuesday morning.  At this point my pain has really gotten worse and I’m ready to see a doctor.  I call my doctors office and see if they can get me in, rudely they tell me that there are no appointments available for the day.  I call my mom to see what she thinks, and she told me to go to urgent care.  I go back into my office and tell my supervisor I need to go to urgent care and I will leave during my lunch hour (because I don’t like to be a problem), and she told me to leave now. 

I leave and head to urgent care, the whole way my chest is tightening up and the stabbing pain comes and goes.  I get to urgent care, fill out the paper work, tell the nurses what I am feeling and then sit in the waiting room for about 2 hours.  Finally I get called back.  I go back with the nurse and she takes my vitals.  She looks at me, blinks, and says calmly, “Well that’s not good.”  She takes me into a different room and tells me the doctor will be in very soon.  2 minutes later the doctor rushes in, takes my vitals again, and tells me the bad news, you need to go to the E.R. right now and we are calling an ambulance.  I told them I didn’t want an ambulance, which after I said that the doctor wanted to call them anyway and kept pushing it. I told her no, once more and asked to sign the wavier to drive myself!  At this point I’m thinking, why did they let me sit here for almost 2 hours just to tell me to leave!

I drove to the hospital where Greg works and he met me in the lobby and took me to the E.R..  Apparently anyone who says they are having chest pains gets pounced on in the E.R., and I was rushed back.  I was hooked up to all these machines and I got different x-rays and tons of blood tests were done.  This was not a fun time.  I had to explain the story over and over, about how I think it’s just an allergic reaction, that I’m just scared because I’ve never felt that stabbing pain before (it was much different than the pains over the weekend), and how I think the guy in the stretcher needed them all more than me.  I just needed to be checked out to make sure the pain wasn’t anything else and that there wasn’t any permanent damage.  They weren’t really listening to my pleas of any kind.

I had so many wires connected to me and they took so much blood. Not a happy camper at this point.

After the took all my tests I sat in the room waiting for the results.  I kept thinking, I should have gone to the E.R. Saturday morning with Greg when he offered, I probably had a heart attack and don’t even know it, the doctors are going to come back in here and tell me that they have to do something horrible STAT or something…

After about 45 minutes the doctor came in and told me the test results came back fine and that they have concluded that the pain and fast heart beat was probably from the allergic reaction to antihistamines.  I asked them if they could give me anything or if I needed to have specific instructions. 

So here they are:  No caffeine for a while. Don’t put yourself in any situations where your heart will start to race for a week or two.  Rest often.  Drink a lot of fluids.  Don’t work out for one to two weeks.  And if you start feeling more heart palpitations and chest pain to come back to the E.R. right away. 

One thing that I did find out from all of this, that I was really excited about what that my heart, considering all of my family history – on both sides! – which is really bad with heart attacks starting as early as 45 years old for some people, my heart looks really healthy, they were quite impressed and when I told them how I work out and I’m trying to eat healthier and organic foods more now, they told me to keep that up.  The difference can be seen on the machines and the x-rays.  Apparently my heart and lungs are top notch and they were pretty amazed. 

The other GREAT news was, again, I have no permanent damage from lack of oxygen due to my racing heart that lasted over the whole weekend. 

 I went home after they discharged me and I had to remove myself from watching the Cardinals game so I wouldn’t get my heart racing…GO CARDS GO! 12 in ’12!! And the Cardiac Cards, how true is that name if you think about when this all started on Friday!

 And I took off Tuesday from work, as well, so I could get even more rest to my chest.  It was a boring day of just sitting around and not doing much.  But I had some company with Bella at my side the whole day! 

Bella kept me company throughout the whole thing. She knew something was wrong.

It’s Thursday and I’m still having some chest tightness, but most of the stabbing pains have gone away.  I’m hoping that by this weekend driving won’t be so uncomfortable and early next week I will feel up to exercising again.  The rule about no working out is making my evenings pretty boring, especially since I can’t get too excited about anything to try and keep my heart rate steady.  I can’t wait to be able to work out again! 


Anyway that is my horrifying weekend/week.  It’s getting better and I’m sorry I kept many of you in the dark, but I slept most of these days away or just didn’t feel up to doing much other than on the couch snuggled up with my dog and resting.


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