An Apple is just an Apple…

An apple is just an apple is just an apple.  They all look similar, taste similar, and you find them all in the same place…a grocery store, or a tree.  But really those statements aren’t all true.  There are many different types of apples and they all have different tastes.  I recently found an apple that I can eat without caramel.  Apples to me are so bitter and the texture is all wrong.  At least, that’s what I thought until I discovered honey crisp apples! 

These little lovely fruits are super sweet and super good!  The texture is just right, not so crunchy but also not too mushy!   If you want an apple that is good on its own, choose the honey crisp apple.  It is in most grocery stores right now.  I got mine at $1.30 each, which seems expensive until you see what some other grocery stores have them priced at.  I was just informed by a friend that she bought two for over $5.00!  Make sure you look around at prices and find a good one that way you can enjoy more of this delicious fruit!


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