13 Week Program

 So I have decided to follow my own made up program of fitness from Jillian Michaels to tone up.  I had a program I followed with the Sugar detoxification that I did when I first started this blog, and that helped me get through it, so now I’m going to do it again, this time not only with the sugar, but with fitness. 

 I find that for me I see a fitness dvd, I do it, and then I take a few weeks off afterwards.  I have found that no results from that dvd will stay unless you continue on.  So I have 13 weeks of nonstop Jillian fun (*Cough not fun *Cough) planned out.  Not only will it will be the Jillian DVD’s but it will also be the cleaner eating and without artificial or processed sugar (mostly, except for a few days).

Week 1: 30 Day Shred, Part 2 – November 11 – 17 – COMPLETE!

Week 2: 30 Day Shred, Part 2, and beginning of Part 3 – November 18 – 24

Week 3: 30 Day Shred, Part 3 – November 25 – December 1

Week 4: Ripped in 30 – December 2 – 8

Week 5: Ripped in 30 – December 9 – 15

Week 6: Ripped in 30 – December 16 – 22

Week 7: Ripped in 30 – December 23 – 29

Week 8: 6 Week 6 Pack – December 30 – January 5

Week 9: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 6 – January 12

Week 10: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 13 – January 19

Week 11: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 20 – January 26

Week 12: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 27 – February 2

Week 13: 6 Week 6 Pack – February 3 – February 9

 There you have it…That is my plan for working out.  I will stick to this plan and take a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 2 days off a week.  The 1 day off is because rest is just as important to your bodies overall health as working out is and 2 days off are just in case something comes up and I can’t fit in the work out (though my mantra is “There is someone busier then you working out right now” so there are no excuses.)

 I fully believe that this is something I can accomplish and something that will help keep me motivated to continue each week because I’ve set goals.  If I don’t have a challenge or goals in front of me, I get sidetracked pretty easily. 

 I started with 30 Day Shred, Part 2, because I had begun the program a few weeks prior to starting this challenge and Part 1 was really easy for me.  I got bored and quit for a while and then decided to start this challenge so I started on Part 2 which is more of a challenge then Part 1.

 With these workouts, they are all about 30 minutes a day, I will also be incorporating my own crunches, squats, and hand weight routine, with some extra cardio boosts each day.  These additions will help my overall calorie burn but also help with the toning process and health.

 I have done all of these workouts before, and I had the best results!  I am doing it in this particular order, because the 30 day shred is meant to help get some fat under control, Ripped in 30 is meant to tone you, and 6 week 6 pack is meant to help your core after you’ve toned that up a little. 

 I will keep you updated on this blog with pictures, ideas that happen while working out, new additions to the workouts, my thoughts about the workouts, etc…

After Week 1 Pictures

Core Picture


Side picture


Left Arm


Right Arm


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