Healthy Holidays?

So the title is kind of an oxymoron.  I have never had a “healthy” holiday.  Usually during the Holiday season I gain around 5 – 10lbs.  We’ve got Thanksgiving, family and friends birthdays through December, six different Christmas’ to attend, Christmas parties, New Years Eve, and then my birthday.  So a lot of celebrating goes on!  If you are like us we are traveling a few hours away for a few of the holidays and then traveling back for a few others. This also means a lot of food and not a lot of time to workout. 

 So how can we possibly have a healthy holiday?  Well I try to bring my handweights with me when we travel.  That way I can lift before bed or when I wake up.  I do squats filling up my water bottle or brushing my hair.  I’ll add in some jogging/sprints in place or some plank exercises.  I will manage at least a half hour workout everyday throughout the break.  It takes a lot to manage sometimes, but even if the half hour is spread out in a few minute increments throughout the day, at least I know I am getting it in. 

 I do not allow myself  to feel guilty about eating certain foods during the holidays, either.  I am more conscience of what I put into my mouth and body, though.  So I may have a few cookies, but I’m going to limit the amount.  I may know that certain foods will taste really good, so I will limit the portion size on my plate.  I have gotten many family members and friends questioning if I will eat anything on holidays, and I assure you I will.  My decision to eat healthy is a lifestyle change, so to eat not as healthy on some days won’t undo everything I have accomplished thus far.

 Holidays are times to be happy, care free, be around those you love, and to remember the reason for the season.  Just because I will be a little more care free in my eating habits doesn’t mean that I’m a bad healthy eating person, it means I’m human. 

 I want to make you all aware too, that if you are watching the scale and see after the holidays it goes up a few pounds, try and not let that number get you down.  After a few days of back to eating healthy and working out harder than the 30 minutes a day, those pounds will go away.  You’ve got this, you will make it through the holidays with a smile on your face!

 Enjoy this holiday season.  Remember portion size, and limitations on the good (but not good for you) food.  Try and fit in a small workout daily if you can’t fit in your longer ones.  These all seem like simple rules to follow during the holidays, but sometimes in the moment are harder to follow, so make it a point to keep them at the for front of your mind and try to follow them.  You can indulge and not feel guilty, just watch the size of the indulgence. 

 Happy Holidays everyone! 

 Make them semi-healthy or fully healthy, no matter what enjoy the time with your family and friends!


Bella met Santa for the first time this year.  I think she likes him.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Bella met Santa for the first time this year. I think she likes him. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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