Time…and not much of it…

So at the moment I am super busy.  I was super busy with work two weeks prior, and now I’m super busy with a thing I’m trying for.  Two weeks prior I was so busy and exhausted from work that once I got home, I’d fall asleep on the couch and sleep until the next day (no joke!).  Now I’m studying constantly and when I do get a free moment or two I’d rather spend it with my husband and not with my workout dvd’s or a run away from him and our house.  So how do I try and stay healthy when time is a huge issue.

 Well first, we all have these times in life when nothing seems to be going at the pace we’d like them to go.  (For example, right now I’m writing this blog, but in my head all I can think about is, “You should be studying!”)  I have a back room to clean up, I’ve got errands I’d like to run, and I’ve got family members I’d love to see!  Life happens, and sometimes it sucks! (that’s a quote I use with students when they’ve had a bad semester or when something bad happens to them.) Life sucks the life out of you sometimes, it sucks out the drive, and it sucks out the reasoning.  When life sucks, I have to focus.  So I make out a list of “To Dos.”  Most people think “To Do” lists won’t help, but I find the total opposite is true for the majority of people, if they would just try it.  I make my students do it, I make myself do it, I make friends who are going through tough times do it.  Right now I’m going through a stressful time…so I made a list!

To Do List

 As you can see I have a lot on my plate when I get home tonight, and it takes more than just three hours to complete everything on my list.  I mean you should see the room I have to clean! It’s a mess!  The studying I have to do is at least two hours in itself.  Phone conversations can last a long time depending on what is going on in life.  Relaxing showers also can take a while if you are really trying to relax.  And cuddling with husband while you watch tv together and unwind, might just need to be forgotten if I want to complete everything else.  Overall it’s a lot and one person can’t complete all of it in one night…so now we have to talk about priorities.

 My main priority will always be my husband, so we will enjoy dinner together each night and talk about our day and our dreams and experiences at that point.  It’s a compromise on what I’d like to actually accomplish on my “To Do” list.  My second priority is studying for an hour or two.  My third is showering, which I’ve got to make 20 minutes tops, if I’m going to blow drive my hair.  My fourth is calling my mom, with a lot of health concerns in my family right now this could take a while.  My fifth is cleaning, which will take place while I’m talking to my mom.  If I plan out my evening, it will go like this, eating dinner with my husband, studying for an hour and a half, showering, calling my mom, picking up a few things while I’m on the phone with my mom. 

 This will be about 4 hours worth of things to do.  Since I get off work at 7 this evening, that timing works out great for me to actually make it into bed at a decent hour. 

 Now back to how will I stay healthy in the times that are super busy like this.  I watch how much I eat and actually what I am putting into my body.  If I don’t have a lot of time to workout, I have to watch what I am eating to be able to consistently stay healthy and on the right track with my weight.  I also will fit in little workouts whenever I can. My studying is done either with a book or on the computer.  When I’m reading things off the computer and I’m not at a point where I have to write things down, I’ll lift my handweights.  If I feel like my head is getting all frazzeled I’ll quickly jog in place for 5 minutes, run around with our dog, or just go for a walk around our block.  I’ve got to fit in these things or I get stress headaches, which in turn makes me grumpy, which will make me not want to study but instead watch tv all evening.  Neither of which will help me in the long run. 

 If you noticed, in the priorities paragraph I didn’t put sleep on my priorities.  That’s a given.  We all must get enough sleep or our bodies won’t retain anything.  It won’t retain a healthy diet because your mind will overpower your logic of how bad those chips really are, and when you are in a sleep deprived mind it will say, “Eat three bags, no one is looking or would care if you do.”  It won’t help you keep up a healthy exercise routine because you’ll be too exhausted at the end of the day to actually fit in anything resembling getting off your butt. And it won’t help you digest anything that you need to through your brain.  Like I said I have to study right now, for one month, I have to include good sleeping habits or I won’t understand anything I am trying to learn. 

 We all have times in our life when we only have 3 hours at the end of the day to ourselves and we have so much we have to fit in, that we sometimes have to put other things on the backburner.  I’m not saying use this as an excuse time to not give it your all, because trust me, there will be at least four days a week where I will give everything to a one hour workout, but the in between days a little break of smaller things will be fine.   It’s only for a month, and I have a feeling the “To Do” lists will help me stay on track. 

 Do you have any ideas for good ways to fit healthy things in when you are super busy with obligations?  The “To Do” lists are the only way I can think of fitting everything in that I can without feeling to overwhelmed, but I’d welcome (and I’m sure my readers would also) other ideas!


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