I started a new program, yesterday.  Yes, it’s to early to really discuss if it is working/will work, etc..  But what I can tell you, is I have never left a workout with that big of a smile on my face and felt that challenged before in my life, and I loved every minute of it.  The program I started is called CHALean Extreme.  That is what it is, an extreme lifting program to make you lean! 

 I did the first day, a 35 minute lifting workout, yesterday and today I actually feel my muscles that were worked in my inner thighs and my booty. Those are two areas where I have some of the most issues in toning.  That alone has sold me on the program!

 The first month is supposed to help burn the fat away to get you leaner.  I know a lot of you are stuck in the mentality that women shouldn’t lift a lot because it will make them bulk up and look manly.  Well I have seen many women who do lift, and they look amazing and not manly in any way. 

 The Reason

 The reason I wanted to start a new program and do something beyond Jillians dvds (since we all know I love her workouts), is because I have been in a horrible plateau the last few months.  I have lost and gained the same 3lbs and haven’t lost any inches even though I was working out like a fend and eating right.  Plateaus are some of the worst things to hit someone and can make you give up entirely…NEVER let one make you stop doing what is right for your body!  SO instead of giving up, I’m starting something new.  Starting something new will jump start my body and get me out of the plateau!

I am really excited about what this four month program will do!  I will keep updates on here about the program along with personal reviews, trials, and accomplishments! 

 My Before Pictures, After the First Workout on the First Day of CHALean Extreme! (please excuse the mixed matched workout clothes)







Abs flexed (not my four pack anymore, but it's a two pack)

Abs flexed (not my four pack anymore, but it’s a two pack)




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