So a few weeks ago hubby and I went to Chicago to visit one of my good friends.  We went to many restaurants that we had seen on some shows on Food Network, and we drank a lot of martinis.  I knew what this weekend would do to me, and I still went and enjoyed myself without thinking too much about what I was doing.  I don’t recommend doing this, because it takes a while to undo the damage you do in just two days.  I ate greasy food, didn’t workout, and drank more than I have drank the whole year combined probably (I don’t drink a lot – so I had like 8 drinks in two days).  We had a lot of fun hanging out with my friend going to a concert and just enjoying Chicago. 

 Once we were home I decided to workout that evening.  Looking at myself in the mirror I looked about 7 months pregnant I thought.  I decided that instead of letting this bloated look get me down, because I knew this would happen when I was eating horribly, I would turn it into something for this blog. 

BLOATED week 1

BLOATED week 1

Bloated Week 1

I wanted to show that even if you do have a “mess up, don’t think about it, eat everything in sight” weekend, you can turn it around to where you were in a few weeks time, no problem.  I probably consumed double if not triple the amount of calories I normally have on a day to day basis each day that weekend, so I gained a few pounds, plus bloating from the sodium added to the time it took to get all the extra pounds off.

 I didn’t have a cheesecake baby, I had a pizza, pizza, pizza, pasta, hamburger, pancakes, waffles, cereal, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, pizza, pizza baby.  It was way beyond my usual food baby.  My pants fit tightly, I felt tired, and I didn’t want to workout.  It’s weird what a few days of being off a healthy schedule can do to someone.

 So, after three weeks of eating right, drinking nothing but water (and one glass of milk in the morning), and working out properly, I got back down to the way I was before, flat tummy and all! 

Not as bloated, it's going down! Week 2 (sorry about the messy hair)

Not as bloated, it’s going down! Week 2 (sorry about the messy hair)

Week 2

Don’t let one weekend get you down, if it’s one weekend every few months…it’s life, we are all supposed to live and have fun once in a while.  One weekend won’t damage all you have done, it will just take you some time to get back to where you were.  Three weeks is what it took me. 

Was it worth all that hard work, to some extent it was. I had fun with my friend and husband, we eat at a ton of places that we wanted to experience and we saw some great things in Chicago.  Would I have one of those kinds of weekends every week?  No!  Little indulgent days here or there are fine, but put some limits on how much of the indulgences you consume.  I have learned to not let this happen too many times again, and I know that I can still have fun without all that pizza and alcohol.  I am back to my healthy diet and tons of water. 

No more bloat!  Week 3 (oh and you can see my new bangs in this picture! :) )

No more bloat! Week 3 (oh and you can see my new bangs in this picture! 🙂 )

Week 3

Enjoy life and take it as it comes.  I knew that weekend wasn’t going to be the greatest healthy wise, but I decided to indulge.  Have I really indulged since that weekend?  No, that was my indulgent days for those three weeks.  I didn’t need any other indulgences after that weekend.  Find the balance in your life to have fun but also to love your body.


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One response to “Bloated”

  1. nzadz says :

    Good for you! The hardest part about healthy living/clean eating is getting back on the wagon when you fall of temporarily!!! I’ve struggled to realize that it’s okay not to be perfect, and we’re all human… I am aloud to have a darn gluten free pizza once in awhile and enjoy my indulgence as long as I get right back to the grind the next day!! 🙂 Anyways thanks for the post.

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