Hey You!

Hey You!  Yeah, you over there!  I’m talking to you!  How are you doing today?  I know that some people out there have some negative things to say about you, but you know what?  I’ve got SO many more positive things to say that those negatives are all canceled out!

 First off, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror.  Don’t be going and putting on your make up now!  Or putting gel in your hair! You look fine!  Seriously! Without all the things that we are told make us look better, you look fine just the way you are!  Take a look!  I know, I know, that’s supposedly a wrinkle by your eye, I don’t see that, I see a laugh line from years of laughing at good jokes and fun times had with friends!  I know that the blemish on your skin is something that you want to hide, but instead embrace it!  It helps make you the amazing person you are!  That person in the mirror is someone who is doing things in life, taking the bull by the horns and no longer looking with negative thoughts on themselves.

 Have you ever been called fat? Ugly? Lazy? Stupid? Weird?  I’ve been called, or thought of myself (which is worse) those things, all of those terms before.  But, guess what…I’m not ANY of the above, and neither are you!  Here’s how I take those negative and turn them into positives…it’s the first step in really loving who you are, because until you grasp what an amazing person you truly are anything you want to change won’t happen and anything you want to heighten (like reach a goal or  something) won’t really happen without first accepting yourself!

 Fat?  Really? Seriously?  Your body is a temple that you have been given to live a life that you love.  Until you embrace your body and take a look at it as a vehicle to take on life that “fat” stigma will always hunt you.  I’ve seen many beautiful girls tell me they think they are “fat” because so and so is skinnier then they are.  Don’t ever compare yourself to any other person! You are unique and wonderful no matter if the other person is skinner then you, taller then you, more defined then you, or in your thoughts more successful.  It’s all of our jobs as owners of our bodies to take a healthier view on how we live our lives and how we take care of our bodies, but everyone is going to look different, and that is alright!

 Ugly?  Come on! Look at those eyes, that hair, those cheeks!  I don’t care who you are, there is a feature on your body that no one else has.  This makes you unique, and being unique is beautiful!  Look at yourself in that mirror again (and don’t be running off to put that makeup on now!) and just stare at your reflection.  Each day, name at least one thing that you think is unique or beautiful on your body.  I bet if you do that you will start loving yourself and understanding that no one is ugly!

 Lazy, well that’s in the eye of the beholder.  Someone who runs a 5K compared to someone who runs at 13.1K may seem lazy.  Those who are on their feet all day on the job and go home to a couch may look lazy to those who sit at a desk all day and then workout once they get home.  You are not lazy, you are just a different type of active.

 Stupid?  Do you know one thing more on a topic then I do?  Well then you are not stupid.  If you know how to do something that only a few people do, then you are not stupid.  You may not be able to spell or do math, but neither can I, but we know other things!  For example, some people look at me and think I’m uber smart because I have my Masters degree, but I am a person only specialized in one thing.  Someone who knows how to count out money, fix a car, handle an unruly machine, hold a baby and make it stop crying, etc…are smarter than me in those areas. No one is stupid if they know how to do something. 

 Weird…well, we all are weird.  We all have things that make us just slightly abnormal to the average human being.  But then again if those average human beings have things that are slightly abnormal in them, then they are not average either.  Then that means we are all weird, which makes us great assets to this world.  I’ve been told that because I’m in to fitness and healthy foods now, that I’m weird.  Well so be it!  I embrace that!  If that makes me weird I’ll take it!  There are other people out there who are weird to me because they can do math in their head (my dad), look at a sentence and figure out the grammar mistakes (my husband), or look at a sick person and know exactly what they need to do to feel better (my mother and mother in-law).  They embrace those things and their weirdness is wonderful to me!  So take that weirdness, show it to the world, and embrace it! 

 So basically, this whole blog, is just to show that no matter who you are, what you have been told that is negative that you can switch those around to positives and use them to better yourself and your fellow man.  Enjoy life! Love yourself! Don’t judge others because you don’t where they are on their journey and they may not know how to make a negative into a positive.  And create a new way in the world!


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