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So a few weeks ago hubby and I went to Chicago to visit one of my good friends.  We went to many restaurants that we had seen on some shows on Food Network, and we drank a lot of martinis.  I knew what this weekend would do to me, and I still went and enjoyed myself without thinking too much about what I was doing.  I don’t recommend doing this, because it takes a while to undo the damage you do in just two days.  I ate greasy food, didn’t workout, and drank more than I have drank the whole year combined probably (I don’t drink a lot – so I had like 8 drinks in two days).  We had a lot of fun hanging out with my friend going to a concert and just enjoying Chicago. 

 Once we were home I decided to workout that evening.  Looking at myself in the mirror I looked about 7 months pregnant I thought.  I decided that instead of letting this bloated look get me down, because I knew this would happen when I was eating horribly, I would turn it into something for this blog. 

BLOATED week 1

BLOATED week 1

Bloated Week 1

I wanted to show that even if you do have a “mess up, don’t think about it, eat everything in sight” weekend, you can turn it around to where you were in a few weeks time, no problem.  I probably consumed double if not triple the amount of calories I normally have on a day to day basis each day that weekend, so I gained a few pounds, plus bloating from the sodium added to the time it took to get all the extra pounds off.

 I didn’t have a cheesecake baby, I had a pizza, pizza, pizza, pasta, hamburger, pancakes, waffles, cereal, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, pizza, pizza baby.  It was way beyond my usual food baby.  My pants fit tightly, I felt tired, and I didn’t want to workout.  It’s weird what a few days of being off a healthy schedule can do to someone.

 So, after three weeks of eating right, drinking nothing but water (and one glass of milk in the morning), and working out properly, I got back down to the way I was before, flat tummy and all! 

Not as bloated, it's going down! Week 2 (sorry about the messy hair)

Not as bloated, it’s going down! Week 2 (sorry about the messy hair)

Week 2

Don’t let one weekend get you down, if it’s one weekend every few months…it’s life, we are all supposed to live and have fun once in a while.  One weekend won’t damage all you have done, it will just take you some time to get back to where you were.  Three weeks is what it took me. 

Was it worth all that hard work, to some extent it was. I had fun with my friend and husband, we eat at a ton of places that we wanted to experience and we saw some great things in Chicago.  Would I have one of those kinds of weekends every week?  No!  Little indulgent days here or there are fine, but put some limits on how much of the indulgences you consume.  I have learned to not let this happen too many times again, and I know that I can still have fun without all that pizza and alcohol.  I am back to my healthy diet and tons of water. 

No more bloat!  Week 3 (oh and you can see my new bangs in this picture! :) )

No more bloat! Week 3 (oh and you can see my new bangs in this picture! 🙂 )

Week 3

Enjoy life and take it as it comes.  I knew that weekend wasn’t going to be the greatest healthy wise, but I decided to indulge.  Have I really indulged since that weekend?  No, that was my indulgent days for those three weeks.  I didn’t need any other indulgences after that weekend.  Find the balance in your life to have fun but also to love your body.



I started a new program, yesterday.  Yes, it’s to early to really discuss if it is working/will work, etc..  But what I can tell you, is I have never left a workout with that big of a smile on my face and felt that challenged before in my life, and I loved every minute of it.  The program I started is called CHALean Extreme.  That is what it is, an extreme lifting program to make you lean! 

 I did the first day, a 35 minute lifting workout, yesterday and today I actually feel my muscles that were worked in my inner thighs and my booty. Those are two areas where I have some of the most issues in toning.  That alone has sold me on the program!

 The first month is supposed to help burn the fat away to get you leaner.  I know a lot of you are stuck in the mentality that women shouldn’t lift a lot because it will make them bulk up and look manly.  Well I have seen many women who do lift, and they look amazing and not manly in any way. 

 The Reason

 The reason I wanted to start a new program and do something beyond Jillians dvds (since we all know I love her workouts), is because I have been in a horrible plateau the last few months.  I have lost and gained the same 3lbs and haven’t lost any inches even though I was working out like a fend and eating right.  Plateaus are some of the worst things to hit someone and can make you give up entirely…NEVER let one make you stop doing what is right for your body!  SO instead of giving up, I’m starting something new.  Starting something new will jump start my body and get me out of the plateau!

I am really excited about what this four month program will do!  I will keep updates on here about the program along with personal reviews, trials, and accomplishments! 

 My Before Pictures, After the First Workout on the First Day of CHALean Extreme! (please excuse the mixed matched workout clothes)







Abs flexed (not my four pack anymore, but it's a two pack)

Abs flexed (not my four pack anymore, but it’s a two pack)



Time…and not much of it…

So at the moment I am super busy.  I was super busy with work two weeks prior, and now I’m super busy with a thing I’m trying for.  Two weeks prior I was so busy and exhausted from work that once I got home, I’d fall asleep on the couch and sleep until the next day (no joke!).  Now I’m studying constantly and when I do get a free moment or two I’d rather spend it with my husband and not with my workout dvd’s or a run away from him and our house.  So how do I try and stay healthy when time is a huge issue.

 Well first, we all have these times in life when nothing seems to be going at the pace we’d like them to go.  (For example, right now I’m writing this blog, but in my head all I can think about is, “You should be studying!”)  I have a back room to clean up, I’ve got errands I’d like to run, and I’ve got family members I’d love to see!  Life happens, and sometimes it sucks! (that’s a quote I use with students when they’ve had a bad semester or when something bad happens to them.) Life sucks the life out of you sometimes, it sucks out the drive, and it sucks out the reasoning.  When life sucks, I have to focus.  So I make out a list of “To Dos.”  Most people think “To Do” lists won’t help, but I find the total opposite is true for the majority of people, if they would just try it.  I make my students do it, I make myself do it, I make friends who are going through tough times do it.  Right now I’m going through a stressful time…so I made a list!

To Do List

 As you can see I have a lot on my plate when I get home tonight, and it takes more than just three hours to complete everything on my list.  I mean you should see the room I have to clean! It’s a mess!  The studying I have to do is at least two hours in itself.  Phone conversations can last a long time depending on what is going on in life.  Relaxing showers also can take a while if you are really trying to relax.  And cuddling with husband while you watch tv together and unwind, might just need to be forgotten if I want to complete everything else.  Overall it’s a lot and one person can’t complete all of it in one night…so now we have to talk about priorities.

 My main priority will always be my husband, so we will enjoy dinner together each night and talk about our day and our dreams and experiences at that point.  It’s a compromise on what I’d like to actually accomplish on my “To Do” list.  My second priority is studying for an hour or two.  My third is showering, which I’ve got to make 20 minutes tops, if I’m going to blow drive my hair.  My fourth is calling my mom, with a lot of health concerns in my family right now this could take a while.  My fifth is cleaning, which will take place while I’m talking to my mom.  If I plan out my evening, it will go like this, eating dinner with my husband, studying for an hour and a half, showering, calling my mom, picking up a few things while I’m on the phone with my mom. 

 This will be about 4 hours worth of things to do.  Since I get off work at 7 this evening, that timing works out great for me to actually make it into bed at a decent hour. 

 Now back to how will I stay healthy in the times that are super busy like this.  I watch how much I eat and actually what I am putting into my body.  If I don’t have a lot of time to workout, I have to watch what I am eating to be able to consistently stay healthy and on the right track with my weight.  I also will fit in little workouts whenever I can. My studying is done either with a book or on the computer.  When I’m reading things off the computer and I’m not at a point where I have to write things down, I’ll lift my handweights.  If I feel like my head is getting all frazzeled I’ll quickly jog in place for 5 minutes, run around with our dog, or just go for a walk around our block.  I’ve got to fit in these things or I get stress headaches, which in turn makes me grumpy, which will make me not want to study but instead watch tv all evening.  Neither of which will help me in the long run. 

 If you noticed, in the priorities paragraph I didn’t put sleep on my priorities.  That’s a given.  We all must get enough sleep or our bodies won’t retain anything.  It won’t retain a healthy diet because your mind will overpower your logic of how bad those chips really are, and when you are in a sleep deprived mind it will say, “Eat three bags, no one is looking or would care if you do.”  It won’t help you keep up a healthy exercise routine because you’ll be too exhausted at the end of the day to actually fit in anything resembling getting off your butt. And it won’t help you digest anything that you need to through your brain.  Like I said I have to study right now, for one month, I have to include good sleeping habits or I won’t understand anything I am trying to learn. 

 We all have times in our life when we only have 3 hours at the end of the day to ourselves and we have so much we have to fit in, that we sometimes have to put other things on the backburner.  I’m not saying use this as an excuse time to not give it your all, because trust me, there will be at least four days a week where I will give everything to a one hour workout, but the in between days a little break of smaller things will be fine.   It’s only for a month, and I have a feeling the “To Do” lists will help me stay on track. 

 Do you have any ideas for good ways to fit healthy things in when you are super busy with obligations?  The “To Do” lists are the only way I can think of fitting everything in that I can without feeling to overwhelmed, but I’d welcome (and I’m sure my readers would also) other ideas!

Healthy Holidays?

So the title is kind of an oxymoron.  I have never had a “healthy” holiday.  Usually during the Holiday season I gain around 5 – 10lbs.  We’ve got Thanksgiving, family and friends birthdays through December, six different Christmas’ to attend, Christmas parties, New Years Eve, and then my birthday.  So a lot of celebrating goes on!  If you are like us we are traveling a few hours away for a few of the holidays and then traveling back for a few others. This also means a lot of food and not a lot of time to workout. 

 So how can we possibly have a healthy holiday?  Well I try to bring my handweights with me when we travel.  That way I can lift before bed or when I wake up.  I do squats filling up my water bottle or brushing my hair.  I’ll add in some jogging/sprints in place or some plank exercises.  I will manage at least a half hour workout everyday throughout the break.  It takes a lot to manage sometimes, but even if the half hour is spread out in a few minute increments throughout the day, at least I know I am getting it in. 

 I do not allow myself  to feel guilty about eating certain foods during the holidays, either.  I am more conscience of what I put into my mouth and body, though.  So I may have a few cookies, but I’m going to limit the amount.  I may know that certain foods will taste really good, so I will limit the portion size on my plate.  I have gotten many family members and friends questioning if I will eat anything on holidays, and I assure you I will.  My decision to eat healthy is a lifestyle change, so to eat not as healthy on some days won’t undo everything I have accomplished thus far.

 Holidays are times to be happy, care free, be around those you love, and to remember the reason for the season.  Just because I will be a little more care free in my eating habits doesn’t mean that I’m a bad healthy eating person, it means I’m human. 

 I want to make you all aware too, that if you are watching the scale and see after the holidays it goes up a few pounds, try and not let that number get you down.  After a few days of back to eating healthy and working out harder than the 30 minutes a day, those pounds will go away.  You’ve got this, you will make it through the holidays with a smile on your face!

 Enjoy this holiday season.  Remember portion size, and limitations on the good (but not good for you) food.  Try and fit in a small workout daily if you can’t fit in your longer ones.  These all seem like simple rules to follow during the holidays, but sometimes in the moment are harder to follow, so make it a point to keep them at the for front of your mind and try to follow them.  You can indulge and not feel guilty, just watch the size of the indulgence. 

 Happy Holidays everyone! 

 Make them semi-healthy or fully healthy, no matter what enjoy the time with your family and friends!


Bella met Santa for the first time this year.  I think she likes him.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Bella met Santa for the first time this year. I think she likes him. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

13 Week Program

 So I have decided to follow my own made up program of fitness from Jillian Michaels to tone up.  I had a program I followed with the Sugar detoxification that I did when I first started this blog, and that helped me get through it, so now I’m going to do it again, this time not only with the sugar, but with fitness. 

 I find that for me I see a fitness dvd, I do it, and then I take a few weeks off afterwards.  I have found that no results from that dvd will stay unless you continue on.  So I have 13 weeks of nonstop Jillian fun (*Cough not fun *Cough) planned out.  Not only will it will be the Jillian DVD’s but it will also be the cleaner eating and without artificial or processed sugar (mostly, except for a few days).

Week 1: 30 Day Shred, Part 2 – November 11 – 17 – COMPLETE!

Week 2: 30 Day Shred, Part 2, and beginning of Part 3 – November 18 – 24

Week 3: 30 Day Shred, Part 3 – November 25 – December 1

Week 4: Ripped in 30 – December 2 – 8

Week 5: Ripped in 30 – December 9 – 15

Week 6: Ripped in 30 – December 16 – 22

Week 7: Ripped in 30 – December 23 – 29

Week 8: 6 Week 6 Pack – December 30 – January 5

Week 9: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 6 – January 12

Week 10: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 13 – January 19

Week 11: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 20 – January 26

Week 12: 6 Week 6 Pack – January 27 – February 2

Week 13: 6 Week 6 Pack – February 3 – February 9

 There you have it…That is my plan for working out.  I will stick to this plan and take a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 2 days off a week.  The 1 day off is because rest is just as important to your bodies overall health as working out is and 2 days off are just in case something comes up and I can’t fit in the work out (though my mantra is “There is someone busier then you working out right now” so there are no excuses.)

 I fully believe that this is something I can accomplish and something that will help keep me motivated to continue each week because I’ve set goals.  If I don’t have a challenge or goals in front of me, I get sidetracked pretty easily. 

 I started with 30 Day Shred, Part 2, because I had begun the program a few weeks prior to starting this challenge and Part 1 was really easy for me.  I got bored and quit for a while and then decided to start this challenge so I started on Part 2 which is more of a challenge then Part 1.

 With these workouts, they are all about 30 minutes a day, I will also be incorporating my own crunches, squats, and hand weight routine, with some extra cardio boosts each day.  These additions will help my overall calorie burn but also help with the toning process and health.

 I have done all of these workouts before, and I had the best results!  I am doing it in this particular order, because the 30 day shred is meant to help get some fat under control, Ripped in 30 is meant to tone you, and 6 week 6 pack is meant to help your core after you’ve toned that up a little. 

 I will keep you updated on this blog with pictures, ideas that happen while working out, new additions to the workouts, my thoughts about the workouts, etc…

After Week 1 Pictures

Core Picture


Side picture


Left Arm


Right Arm

An Apple is just an Apple…

An apple is just an apple is just an apple.  They all look similar, taste similar, and you find them all in the same place…a grocery store, or a tree.  But really those statements aren’t all true.  There are many different types of apples and they all have different tastes.  I recently found an apple that I can eat without caramel.  Apples to me are so bitter and the texture is all wrong.  At least, that’s what I thought until I discovered honey crisp apples! 

These little lovely fruits are super sweet and super good!  The texture is just right, not so crunchy but also not too mushy!   If you want an apple that is good on its own, choose the honey crisp apple.  It is in most grocery stores right now.  I got mine at $1.30 each, which seems expensive until you see what some other grocery stores have them priced at.  I was just informed by a friend that she bought two for over $5.00!  Make sure you look around at prices and find a good one that way you can enjoy more of this delicious fruit!

Food Whoops!

 Sometimes eating healthy can cause some confusion if you don’t read the label completely. For example: sometimes it says healthy for you, good for your heart, etc…but really it’s none of the above. You’ve got to make wise consumer choices and actually read the ingredient list. It use to take me 15 minutes to make a trip to the grocery store. I didn’t look at anything, just grabbed what we needed. Now, when I go, it can take over an hour if I’m really looking for new things to add to our plates that are good and good for us.

Greg is starting to do this a little too, and has even enjoyed the new grocery store that I call home at least once a week for about an hour. When we go, just to pick up a few things, we end up with a cart full each time. The food is SO good, and we enjoy the samples, and the many new food option.

Sometimes eating healthy can cause things that you thought was one thing, to actually be something different all together. For example, Greg picked up some Chinese food for us to make for dinner one evening. He picked up orange chicken. When we pulled it out of the freeze and found out it was “chickenless vegan” orange morsels, I didn’t think he was going to go for it. We made them, no use in wasting food, and actually enjoyed our dinner.

Whoops! That doesn’t say Chicken, it says Chicken-less. At least we tried it and found out we actually enjoyed it! 🙂 It’s a good whoops!

I have become more adventurous in my eating habits too and I’m willing to try new foods that I never would have tried before. I happened to like the chickenless vegan morsels, and pomegranate seeds, and apple pears, and quite a few other things.

Sometimes when you try something new, you might be surprised what you will find that you like.