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I started a new program, yesterday.  Yes, it’s to early to really discuss if it is working/will work, etc..  But what I can tell you, is I have never left a workout with that big of a smile on my face and felt that challenged before in my life, and I loved every minute of it.  The program I started is called CHALean Extreme.  That is what it is, an extreme lifting program to make you lean! 

 I did the first day, a 35 minute lifting workout, yesterday and today I actually feel my muscles that were worked in my inner thighs and my booty. Those are two areas where I have some of the most issues in toning.  That alone has sold me on the program!

 The first month is supposed to help burn the fat away to get you leaner.  I know a lot of you are stuck in the mentality that women shouldn’t lift a lot because it will make them bulk up and look manly.  Well I have seen many women who do lift, and they look amazing and not manly in any way. 

 The Reason

 The reason I wanted to start a new program and do something beyond Jillians dvds (since we all know I love her workouts), is because I have been in a horrible plateau the last few months.  I have lost and gained the same 3lbs and haven’t lost any inches even though I was working out like a fend and eating right.  Plateaus are some of the worst things to hit someone and can make you give up entirely…NEVER let one make you stop doing what is right for your body!  SO instead of giving up, I’m starting something new.  Starting something new will jump start my body and get me out of the plateau!

I am really excited about what this four month program will do!  I will keep updates on here about the program along with personal reviews, trials, and accomplishments! 

 My Before Pictures, After the First Workout on the First Day of CHALean Extreme! (please excuse the mixed matched workout clothes)







Abs flexed (not my four pack anymore, but it's a two pack)

Abs flexed (not my four pack anymore, but it’s a two pack)




An Apple is just an Apple…

An apple is just an apple is just an apple.  They all look similar, taste similar, and you find them all in the same place…a grocery store, or a tree.  But really those statements aren’t all true.  There are many different types of apples and they all have different tastes.  I recently found an apple that I can eat without caramel.  Apples to me are so bitter and the texture is all wrong.  At least, that’s what I thought until I discovered honey crisp apples! 

These little lovely fruits are super sweet and super good!  The texture is just right, not so crunchy but also not too mushy!   If you want an apple that is good on its own, choose the honey crisp apple.  It is in most grocery stores right now.  I got mine at $1.30 each, which seems expensive until you see what some other grocery stores have them priced at.  I was just informed by a friend that she bought two for over $5.00!  Make sure you look around at prices and find a good one that way you can enjoy more of this delicious fruit!

ARGO! A Review.

What does Argo stand for?  Not just a movie title, it’s an action…it means go and see it!  Greg and I went to the movies a few days ago, and decided to watch this film.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it, I would have rather went and seen a different movie, but we compromised on what we both wanted and settled on Argo. 

The first seen is of the people in the embassy and it’s when they are bombarded with the local people trying to get in to take captives.  You literally feel scared yourself.  I felt so scared for those people because they had nowhere to go and they had a job to do. 

 The sounds and the film mixed with real footage of the raid makes it even more real feeling. 

 I loved the creative angle that went behind them trying to go and get the hostages back.

 The acting was wonderful and the actors, all but one, really looked like the real people who went through this predicament. 

 At the end, you find out, that countries have looked to Argo as a way to work together when they need to do so.  It makes you wonder that if more people focused on humans as humans and didn’t worry about what country or background they are from, how much we could accomplish in this world for the better. 

 At the end of the film you feel excited, empowered, and if you are like us, we talked about it all the way home. 

 I’m not going to give you anymore feedback on the film because I want you to go out and watch it, I want you to feel the pain, fear, anxiety, joyfulness, sadness, and anger in the film when you watch it.  It feels like a rollercoaster of emotions when you watch it, but I think that’s what really brings the story to life.  Considering it’s also based off factual events, it’s even more of a reason to go and see it. 

Remember anyone can be a hero!

 I give this film an A-!

Kindle Review

So for our one year anniversary Greg got me a Kindle.  Now the first anniversary of a marriage is the “paper anniversary” and I want to follow all the anniversary “rules” so we did gifts revolving around paper.  I love books, I love to read, I love the way the smell, and I love the feeling of a good, old, heavy book in my hands!  I love how a book can take you anywhere and you can zone out from what is going on around you.  I, however, didn’t think I would ever be in to an ereader.  I was wrong.  Now it may be just because I have only been purchasing books by one of my new favorite authors, Amanda Hocking, or it may be that I really enjoy the ereader, I couldn’t tell you which it is for sure.  (One of her books on my EReader –

 I am enjoying that I can carry multiple books with me and my bag doesn’t get SO weighed down, but I miss flipping and dog earing pages.  Overall I have been reading about a book a day on it (I’m an extremely fast reader) and I have been enjoying the books I have on it.  Having a lightweight “book” always at your fingertips is nice and so I think my excitement of this series I’m reading has kept me intrigued on the EReader.  If you are like me and like to carry multiple books with you, a Kindle or another Ereader would be good for you, BUT if you only carry one book at a time, just stick to books.   If you have poor eye sight, like I do, the Kindle is a good thing too, because I can make the books I’m reading have large print so I’m not squinting at a screen (like I do all day long at the computer). 

Hubs is going to be happy to not have another series of books on our bookshelves and I’m going to enjoy having them at easy reach, but again I don’t know if I am completely hooked or not or turned into an ereader fanatic.  I’m still a book type of gal. 

 I don’t like how you change the pages, or how there aren’t page numbers, but I do like how the percentage of the book you have completed is at the bottom of the page.  I also like how long the battery lasts on the Kindle!  That is a huge plus!  I don’t feel like I will have to worry about it randomly shutting down from low power at any point. 


My overall grade for the Kindle is a 84% so in the “B” territory, not my favorite thing, but it is convenient. 

(this isn’t sponsored by Kindle or anything, just a personal review)