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So a few weeks ago hubby and I went to Chicago to visit one of my good friends.  We went to many restaurants that we had seen on some shows on Food Network, and we drank a lot of martinis.  I knew what this weekend would do to me, and I still went and enjoyed myself without thinking too much about what I was doing.  I don’t recommend doing this, because it takes a while to undo the damage you do in just two days.  I ate greasy food, didn’t workout, and drank more than I have drank the whole year combined probably (I don’t drink a lot – so I had like 8 drinks in two days).  We had a lot of fun hanging out with my friend going to a concert and just enjoying Chicago. 

 Once we were home I decided to workout that evening.  Looking at myself in the mirror I looked about 7 months pregnant I thought.  I decided that instead of letting this bloated look get me down, because I knew this would happen when I was eating horribly, I would turn it into something for this blog. 

BLOATED week 1

BLOATED week 1

Bloated Week 1

I wanted to show that even if you do have a “mess up, don’t think about it, eat everything in sight” weekend, you can turn it around to where you were in a few weeks time, no problem.  I probably consumed double if not triple the amount of calories I normally have on a day to day basis each day that weekend, so I gained a few pounds, plus bloating from the sodium added to the time it took to get all the extra pounds off.

 I didn’t have a cheesecake baby, I had a pizza, pizza, pizza, pasta, hamburger, pancakes, waffles, cereal, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, pizza, pizza baby.  It was way beyond my usual food baby.  My pants fit tightly, I felt tired, and I didn’t want to workout.  It’s weird what a few days of being off a healthy schedule can do to someone.

 So, after three weeks of eating right, drinking nothing but water (and one glass of milk in the morning), and working out properly, I got back down to the way I was before, flat tummy and all! 

Not as bloated, it's going down! Week 2 (sorry about the messy hair)

Not as bloated, it’s going down! Week 2 (sorry about the messy hair)

Week 2

Don’t let one weekend get you down, if it’s one weekend every few months…it’s life, we are all supposed to live and have fun once in a while.  One weekend won’t damage all you have done, it will just take you some time to get back to where you were.  Three weeks is what it took me. 

Was it worth all that hard work, to some extent it was. I had fun with my friend and husband, we eat at a ton of places that we wanted to experience and we saw some great things in Chicago.  Would I have one of those kinds of weekends every week?  No!  Little indulgent days here or there are fine, but put some limits on how much of the indulgences you consume.  I have learned to not let this happen too many times again, and I know that I can still have fun without all that pizza and alcohol.  I am back to my healthy diet and tons of water. 

No more bloat!  Week 3 (oh and you can see my new bangs in this picture! :) )

No more bloat! Week 3 (oh and you can see my new bangs in this picture! 🙂 )

Week 3

Enjoy life and take it as it comes.  I knew that weekend wasn’t going to be the greatest healthy wise, but I decided to indulge.  Have I really indulged since that weekend?  No, that was my indulgent days for those three weeks.  I didn’t need any other indulgences after that weekend.  Find the balance in your life to have fun but also to love your body.


Totally Tuesdays Today


Home improvement is not something I look forward too.  We’ve had a room we built in the basement for an office space once it is finished.  The walls are up, and all it needed was to be sanded and painted.  We’ve been putting it off and putting it off, but finally this past weekend we went to it!  I was finally feeling better and was able to put some actual strength into doing things.  We sanded the whole room, and then we painted it.  Greg painted the parts near the ceiling in floor boards and the corners and I did the roller.  I have never painted a room before and I was really not looking forward to this at all, but I marched downstairs and gave it my all.  It actually was a lot of fun, once you got the hang of it.  We jammed out to music, and ended up having a mini paint fight.  Overall a productive and fun weekend!  So if you have a project that neesd to be completed and you’ve kept putting it off…just get it done!  You’ll feel better once it’s completed AND who knows, you might just have fun like we did! 🙂

Sanding away…the whole room got really dusty and it looked like fog in the room.

See…what did I tell you! I’m covered from all the sanding we did!

Greg, painting the more difficult areas by brush.


Me, behind a wall I just finished painting! It was great having completed this project 🙂


notice the paint on the face? Yeah, part of our paint war 🙂 ha!

Warrior Dash 2012


Before the race!

Saturday was my second Warrior Dash.  I woke up extremely glad to see the sun and the warm weather.  The night before a race I don’t sleep very well, the night before the Warrior Dash I didn’t sleep but an hour.  Last year, Warrior Dash, was my very first 5K (either that’s really brave or really stupid, depending on how you look at it).  It was a lot of fun and I ran with four girls that I met off of  This year two of the other girls couldn’t participate but I ran with one of them and one of her friends. 

The beginning of the race!

Last year I was scared to death, that I was going to die doing Warrior Dash.  I had nightmares about it up until the day.  This year I spent most of my time, the night before, praying.  I spend most nights in prayer before falling asleep, and the nights before a race I pray for strength and for whatever organization the race is for to do well with the money and to gain a lot of supporters.  The night before the Warrior Dash 2012, I spend praying for strength and to help me not kill myself on the obstacles.  My prayers were answered and I didn’t die!  I did see quite a few people that fell during the race, and I ran back, or up to, to help pick them up (the race is on very odd terrain, not flat land, with rocks, roots, holes, and logs on the trail).  I also saw one girl who was falling over and passing out from dehydration and I ran up to the next water station (not that far away) to get her some help.  I was told as I ran by her friends that she had drunk too much before she started running.  Note to everyone out there: DON’T drink before a race!  You will get dehydrated and you will pass out or get close to it!

Hubby and me! 🙂 Before the dash.(I just really like the light in the picture!)

 Last year, the cargo net wall gave me a lot of issues.  I had a full on paralyzed panic attack at the bottom of it.  This year I saw it, I contemplated just doing it, I did it, and when I got to the top, I didn’t know if I could actually move my leg over the top and go down the other side without falling off.  A lady I was next to during the entire race helped me over the top and I did it without falling and went down the other side!  It was a great feeling.  Only a little bit of help for balance, but I did it other than that! 

Getting up to the cargo net wall, and wondering…can I do it?

At the very top (on the left) with the lady helping me balance.

I didn’t run as much as I would have liked too, but I did the best I could with a jacked up knee.  I’m glad I did it and I can’t wait for next year’s Warrior Dash!

Jumping over the fire (second to last obstacle)

 The mud was weird, this year.  Very deep and very goopy!  It was harder to walk after getting out of the mud pit and keep your balance.  BUT overall my biggest fear this year was that the mud would contain a brain eating ameba and I would die from it…but so far so good! (Last year my fear was that the barbed wire would somehow get stuck in my neck and I would bleed to death in the mud…vivid, but that’s how my nightmares are). 

In the mud! This was a thicker mud to make your way through, much more difficult then last time.

Sliding down the other side of the hill past the mud pit.

 This weekend I also ate sugar for the first time in a few weeks, again.  It was awful! I drank 1/3 of a root beer float (if that), a corner piece of a laffy taffy that I was super excited for (NASTY!), and some syrup on my waffles…also really gross!  I’m back to no sugar (artificial or processed) again! I’m ready to do this until Nov. 3rd! I’m excited to see what this challenge will do, plus doing 30 day shred (starting tonight –second time doing it in two years), and doing weights on my own and what all of that will do to my body. 

After the dash…strong mud covered girl! (I added mud to my face…I just wasn’t covered enough ha!)

The annual kissing photo after the race 🙂 This year I added more mud to my face…I got some on his chin ha!

Me and the girls with the Warrior Dash sign!


It’s a new month, set some goals for you!  I did, and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve!

My Vacation…Part 2

I was off from Monday through Wednesday and those days went something like this…

Monday I had meetings with some organizations I’d love to join. I learned more about the organizations and what they do to help others. I use to be a part of many organizations that helped people or animals, and since moving to Missouri I haven’t found organizations that really expressed how I feel about those things, until now! One of the organizations helps with different animal shelters and kids – adults around the area. I can’t wait to turn in my paper work and hopefully be accepted to join!

After my meetings my Mother-in law and I went to the mall and went shopping. I got what I needed, but mostly the trip was for her and we found a dress for her for her daughters upcoming wedding! (Congrats Annie and T.J.!) I’m a huge fan of weddings and marriages (as you can tell from my blog) so I love seeing love move into it’s different stags, weddings being one of them. I’m super excited for my Sister-in law and her fiance’. She’s going to be a beautiful bride and now her mom is going to look amazing in her new dress!

Tuesday Greg took a half day and after my eye doctors appointment we went to the zoo! This was a pretty special trip, not just because I could finally see again (I’ve felt my eyes change the past month and everything was getting pretty blurry), but because we got to see the new sea lion exhibit. This exhibit lets you walk under the water in a tube and watch the sea lions and seals swim with eachother. It had to be one of the most calming exhibits ever. It’s just relaxing! The animals were pretty amazing too, they swim differently then what we expected. They kind of swim like torpedoes and they also twist and turn under water. This was very exciting and we stayed under the water for quite awhile just watching them swim!




After the underwater exhibit we watched them feeding the animals and they did tricks, like laying down, and enjoyed some fine cuisine…raw fish…yuck!


When we left the exhibit I saw something under a bush that was just hiding there…I got closer and a peacock was sitting there staring at me. Now if you know Greg or me personally, you know that peacocks have a special place in our hearts because we had one visit our front yard a few years ago, and ever since then we just love the birds. I got some great pictures of it and just enjoyed seeing the beauty of the bird.


We left after seeing a few other exhibits because it started to rain and the park was closing. We got in the car and got on the interstate. Once there it started to get pretty bad out and a car behind us didn’t stop quick enough and rear ended us. The good part about this was the driver was slowing down and didn’t hit us with a lot of force, the bad news it the force did cause damage to my car and now we’ve got to get it fixed. Interesting, though, as soon as we got off the interstate, saw that the lady driving was ok (she followed us to the nearest exits gas station since there really wasn’t away for us to get out of our cars on the interstate due to traffic and the rain) and the cop got there to make a report it started hailing really badly. Since we were safely parked at a gas station we weren’t driving in the hail, that was a blessing!


It’s dented and the reflectors broken…this year has been a year of car issues for us…hopefully this is the last!

Once we got home both Greg and I were covered from head to toe in rain water and were freezing. We ended up changing into our pjs and watching tv the rest of the night just snuggled on the couch…even though it was a small accident it still shook us up, the possibility of it being worse or one of us getting hurt was there and I’m so thankful that didn’t happen!

My last day of vacation I spoiled myself and got a nice massage! It was a great way to end vacation! Bella and I went picked up Greg from work and headed home! We ended my vacation eating supper at our coffee table and enjoying time together! It was a great vacation and I got a lot accomplished and had a few adventures along the way!


Bella waiting for Greg to get off work. She was waiting all day to see him! 🙂


What my breakfasts usually looked like on vacation…all organic everything…Seriously addicted to how amazing organic food tastes. (This has nothing to do with this blog post, I know, but I wanted to show you all I’m still doing the no sugar thing (artificial or processed) and it’s still going strong! Bella really likes when I’m home for breakfasts!)

My Vacation…Part 1

 So I know I have been lagging in my blog posts, and there is a really good reason…I was busy on vacation. Now this vacation was more like a “catch up on everything you can’t do while you are at work, and then when you can enjoy it” vacation. I had appointments and other things that happened that I had to take care of, that I can’t do working 8-5 Monday through Friday. I consider my vacation to have started over the weekend, though, and this is my “Part 1” of “My Vacation” posts. Enjoy!

We had friends coming into town to stay with us on Friday night so I spent most of Friday evening cleaning the whole house. Saturday was catching up on laundry and a few other miscellaneous things.

Sunday morning we had brunch with the friends that stayed with us and caught up more with them. Friday they got in late and Saturday they were at a wedding in town. This was a lot of fun, Sunday, because we ate at an all organic pizzeria and just got to enjoy each other’s company.

What was bad about this, was Greg and I were supposed to drive separately, but we woke up to him having a flat tire. So we had to take my car together. After we got done eating and said our goodbyes I had to drop Greg off at a place his friends were meeting up. After that I had to move on, 2 hours behind schedule, to my first stop on my vacation.

I drove to Springfield and visited with one of my oldest and dearest friends and got to meet and see her baby girl, Sydney! I cherish this little girl just as much as I cherish my friend, Jaclyn! She is SO cute and I held her for most of the time I was there. I just couldn’t put her down! She was adorable and I’m so glad, even though my schedule was pushed back, that I got to see her.

Me with little Miss Sydney!

This was the first baby that I ever picked up for the first time and didn’t throw up on me…yep she’s a keeper! I am so excited to be this little girls “adopted” aunt and to watch her grow up to be an amazing young lady that I know she will become! She has wonderful parents and family surrounding her, I’m sure she is going to be an inspirational person when she grows up!

One of my besties and her baby and me 🙂

After visiting with Jaclyn and her family I drove to a restaurant to celebrate my grandpas 82nd birthday! At the restaurant another birthday party was going on and they had an Elvis sing and preform for them…we got to enjoy the entertainment as well! It was a great time just seeing my family and enjoying each other’s company.

My grandpa and me 🙂


It’s times like this past weekend that make me feel truly blessed. We got to see some friends from out of town that we hadn’t seen in a while, and watching Greg and his friend talk like old times brought a smile to my face and the stories they told, ha! Too funny! Greg’s car was easily fixed with an air compressor later that evening, so that’s a blessing. I got to meet a beautiful and wonderful baby girl and see my friend in a new role as Mama (I think she’s got this down, and is an amazing mom), and really enjoy seeing a new life in her baby. I also got to see one of my favorite men in my life turn another year older and just listen to his stories (his favorite thing to do). My family and friends mean the world to me and we were surrounded by that all this weekend. It was great!

And to end the post, I’ll leave you with this picture of the Elvis (though quite an overweight and older version of Elvis, he was a pretty good singer!)

Warrior Dash 2012!

Yesterday I was on Groupon, yes, I’m one of “those” people who like Groupon and other websites like that.  They had an amazing deal $35 for $80 participant price for Warrior Dash Missouri! 

 I had participated last year in Warrior Dash, and it was a lot of fun, though I was scared to death of it mostly from nightmares I had been having months leading up to it.  I participated with three other girls and it was my first 5K ever!  I didn’t do horribly and there were only a few obstacles that I wasn’t able to actually do.  Everything else I did!  One of the rope walls got me, and I had encouragement from one of my friends who was with me, an older man who helped me over the top, and every “warrior” on the wall climbing with me cheered me on!  It was one of the best feelings finally going over the wall and making it to the bottom on the other side.  I felt invincible! 

Do you see the man in the white shirt on the left side at the top? I’m the girl in the pink sports bra. That older man, helped me over the top, with my friends encouragement at the bottom of the wall and everyone else on the wall, I did it! 🙂 It was amazing getting over my fears of falling and heights!

Next up was jumping over fire, again I was invincible at that point, so it was a cinch. 

BUT after that was the mud pit with barbed wire over the top of us.  This freaked me out because this was the main part of my nightmares about Warrior Dash, where I died a horrible barbed wire in the neck death.  Well needless to say, I kept my head down and made it out on the other side, through the finish line and lived! 

This was taken after I had just completed my first 5K 🙂 excited to do the Warrior Dash again this year! 🙂

 I wasn’t going to participate in Warrior Dash this year, we had other bills and at the point when the price was the cheapest Greg didn’t have a job.  Other things were more important to me than just the Dash, so I gave it up.  Now that Greg has a job, and the price is lowered to just $35 (seriously, what a deal!) with the Groupon, I’m ready to train it up for the Warrior Dash 2012!

 I have a strict eating schedule that I am following and I’m starting 6 Week 6 Pack, back up, with Jillian.  I’m also throwing in my weight routine and 5K training again. 

 My goal for this year’s Warrior Dash is to beat my time from last year.  I’m pretty excited.  Two of the girls that participated with me last year won’t be able to this year for different reasons, but next year I’m going to be all about them being right there next to us again! The girl I ran the Color Run with (see my first blog entry) will be racing with me at the Warrior Dash!  It’s going to be A LOT of FUN!

Warrior Dash – I Survived 2011…bring it on 2012! 🙂


Stay tuned for adventures in my training and then of course the race itself!

This Weekend

This was Labor Day Weekend, and Greg and I had a great time!  When I woke up on Friday there were spots of rain drops on the drive way, and it rained for most of the weekend, thank you Hurricane Issac!  This really cooled things down, and made both our allergies subside! 


That’s REAL rain on our driveway! It seemed like years since the last good rain!

The little rain that started right before I took off for work on Friday morning!

What our lawn looked like once I got home from work on Friday!

The backyard on Saturday afternoon. My allergies were just about gone and my eyes weren’t nearly as red by this point! 🙂 It was great!

On Saturday evening we headed to Springfield, IL to visit some of my really good friends.  We saw some interesting clouds in the sky, light gray clouds, dark gray clouds, and in between blue sky!  We also saw where all the clouds MUST be coming from!

With Friends

Sorry for the bad lightening and pictures…it was late and there wasn’t much light to work with.

Dark clouds, light gray clouds, and blue skies right behind them peeking through (I found this image of the sky very poetic when Greg pointed it out on our drive to Springfield.)

Do you see the smoke stacks in the picture in the background? It looks like all the rain clouds came out of there!

Sunday I cleaned up the house a little, and bought new shoes after church.  When we went out to eat at a little deli they had Sugar in the Raw and I was overjoyed!  My ice tea was great! 

See the brown packages of sugar? That’s Sugar in the Raw! 🙂

I’m starting to decorate for fall already! 🙂

My new running shoes! My last pair were the same brand, and they held up for over a year!

On Monday we went zip lining with a couple friends.  We had never gone and it was super excited zipping through the forest area and seeing some of the tops of trees already changing colors.  I was super chicken, like I usually am when it’s something thrilling like that, but I am proud to say I didn’t scream once!  By the third one I was excited to keep zipping!  I was told by one of the guides that I had the best game face ever, I’m a pretty serious person and when I’m in charge of something I take charge.  So for breaking I was all serious about it.  It was a lot of fun, and I suspect that if Greg and I ever head to a rainforest we will try it again there!

Flying through the air and having fun, though this is a serious faced picture…


Hubs and me right before zipping down their longest and highest line! This was my favorite one, yeah, this coming from a girl scared of heights!